Focus: How do I filter by a specific year?

I have albums from the 1960’s onwards, and then every single year from 1990 -2021. So I don’t think that’s the answer for me.

I am having this exact same issue. I don’t a have View More option either. Any help would be greatly appreciated

Okay, I figured it out. You just need one more decade or so of music in your library and it’ll then show the View More option. Kind of a weird deal, but it’ll work. It looks like from your screenshot you have the 70s-2020s. Add in something from the 60s and it should pop up for you.

@support Ive got this bug as well, could you please mark it for fixing?

Don’t have the “view more” button either. Also : I don’t have the 1960s (and I have albums from that period in my library).

Thanks for this tip, I’ll just amend the date of a random release and rescan my library to see if this resolves it.

After checking my library, I do already have albums from the 60’s, recognised by Roon as released in the 60s (the date appears at the top of the album page). Yet despite this, I do not have a shortcut to the 60’s decade in my Focus menu. Frustrating!

Ah, that is frustrating! In my library, it seemed you just needed to have enough decades available to fill up the column and that would trigger the “View More” section. But I think 60s-2020s should be enough to do that. Hopefully @support can assist with this as it should be an available option to us no matter how many decades of music we prefer

Same problem here. I have several albums from the 60’s but no 1960’s category and no “view more” button.

Same problem here even with the last update. Please fix it.

any update on this?

Does anyone have 2020s in the bar graph section?

I have the years 2020 and 2021 but to narrow it I have to click on 2010 and then adjust the slider over to the 2020s.

I am also experiencing this problem. I have music in every decade from the 1960s through 2020s in my local library. The Focus does not list 1960s nor does it list View More.

Just in case anyone wasn’t aware, I think Roon are addressing the issue:

I think there might be an issue with the logic handling of dates in Roon. Have you tried also adding a 1950’s album to your library?

EDIT: It might be worth making sure the original release date of any album you add to your library is in the 1950s, there seems to be some issues with the difference between album release/reissue date for a specific album, and the original release date:

I only ask because Roon handles dates in the tool tips for the ‘Recent listening’ panel on the home page strangely:

Currently, on the first day of the current week, the second date of the tool tip is set back to the last day of the previous week:

I think Roon needs the first day of any week to be completed to show the correct tool tip. In the case of the ‘Release Date’ focus, might Roon need to have another album in a decade before the 1960s?

I have albums from the 1950s and ‘View more’ appears.

Just tagging @mike and @RoonQA, just in case.

Any update?

I’m having this issue too, I’d like to focus on music from 1960 to 1979 but I can’t select more than one decade and have no view more option…

Use the view more as above ,pick say 1970 then drag the left bar to 1960 then use the + button to go to 1982,

You can drag the start and end anywhere, I am showing 1961-1996 no problem

Am I missing something?

Maybe add a few old albums to force the decades until it’s fixed ?

The “view more” option doesn’t show up.
Unless that only works on the computer? I’m using my android phone.

Shows on win10 and iOS

Shows on my Android tablet but not the phone

Sorry my reply should have specified, iOS is a 12.9 iPad Pro, Windows a Desktop screen

Maybe a phone thing , lack of screen area