GeForce Driver 461.72 [Ticket in]

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Roon 1.8 build 764 (64 bit)
Running: Windows 10 Pro|20H2|19042.844
GeForce Driver 461.72

Description Of Issue

After updating to GeForce Driver 461.72 yesterday on RTX 2080ti, I have all kinds of screen artifacts flashing during the navigation on Roon 1.8. This does not occur under the integrated Intel driver and did not occur under the previous NVIDIA driver build.

Anyone else in the same boat?

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I am on the previous version, but, I’ll update later and see if I get the same

Hi @jcgallagher

Thanksfor the report, we are looking into this.

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I’m seeing this as well.

Occuring when I just move the mouse around, as well as clicking on navigation elements. And when at the top of a page, when I use the mouse wheel to scroll up.

Same system info as OP.

@dylan It might help - but I’ve just noticed that when I turn off HDR in Windows, and restart Roon, the artifacts go away.

@jcgallagher - Are you also using a HDR screen?

Monitor is HDR compliant, but HDR is turned off in Windows settings.

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Oh OK. Just out of curiosity, have you tried with HDR on; is it better or worse for you?

I just updated to GeForce drive 461.92 and the issue is still present.

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Yep. The latest driver doesn’t remove the artfacts for me either.

Latest Roon build (778) fixed this issue for me.

Thank you.

Same here.

It’s WAY better, but still there occasionally when browsing around. Before it was nearly unusable and now it’s just a slight annoyance.

I find it hard to believe drivers of Nvidia and Intel are the cause issues.

If it were one or the other I may point fingers, but I’d point fingers at the way roon is using the drivers before pointing at graphics card manufacturers.

Anyone out there with troubles using AMD?

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