Generic genre images go missing if you move a sub-genre to a top level genre

Because of all the other issue I had with Genres, when I did my complete wipe and reload of my database, I kept the Genre settings as is in the import settings. I have the option to use my file’s genres off. This only left like 15 Genres on the main Genres page, half of which are things like "Religious, Children’s, " and other genres that I dont listen to. The Pop/Rock genre contains pretty much every sub genera that I listen to so I moved “Alternative/Indie Rock” to a top level genre. I noticed however that this causes the generic images of all of those subgenera to disappear in every other area of Roon. For example: I searched for “Alternative Rock” and got a section of Genres in the results. I clicked on the “More” button to open the full page of genres and I get a page where most of the genres are missing their generic picture.

Being the genius that I am (lol, kidding) :laughing: I went to edit the “Alternative/Indie Rock” genre and move it back into a subgenera of “Pop/Rock” and it fixed the issue:

There are still a few blanks but those might be because I need to move other Genres back into their original place.

It also seems you need a generic image for anything in the “New Age” genre because those come up blank on every remote, but New Age was never modified. I also can’t find a generic image for it in the iMAC Roon application. I also noticed am “Alternative-IndieRock” generic image that is different than the “Rock” generic image but I dont see it used anywhere.

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Hi, yet more genre fun!

I’m still playing around with them as well. :scream:

It seems that the use of these legacy images in search results weren’t subject to the same change in handling of genre images in 1.8 - the automatic use (on the main genre page and on the specific genre pages) of the image of the artist with the most albums tagged with that genre + plays of their albums with the same tag (I think per a session, but I’m not 100% on that).

The use of images for genre across Roon is very inconsistent:

Pre 1.8, the generic images were used in search, but also when not enough albums (approx 50+) were tagged in that genre, and the album wall couldn’t be generated:

My memory isn’t good - so possibly I’m wrong, but I don’t recall ‘New Age’ being a top-level genre before 1.8? It just seems like it was forgotten?

The missing generic images after users have changed the genre heirarchy (sub-genres not taking their parent’s generic image), is just another symptom of a lack of code to support these changes:

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Yes more genre fun… so fun! Sometimes it’s hard to see where this could be a related issues to something already posted so I just made a new thread. I don’t know how you figured out all that about which image was used depending on number of albums in 1.7, but that makes sense. I dont even care if they use a generic image, an artist image or a genre wall, they just needs to be consistency regardless of how any of us organize our genres.
I like this latest release a lot though so I am not that upset about all this, but 2 months on a new release to fix these issues is just offensive. The ability to just remove genres from the main genre page would have avoided this issue all together. But you know all of this already :grin:

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@beka anything on this or why this happens?

Hey @AnimalOnDrums,

Many thanks for tagging me. This hasn’t as of yet come to our attention, so it’s really great you let us know. I’ve moved it to our technical team’s queue, so they can share more insight into this behavior.

Thanks yet again for your patience :pray:

Hi @AnimalOnDrums

Just wanted to let you know that this has been passed along to our QA team to look into further. Thanks!