Please restore 'album wall' on Genre pages & make artwork on main genre page user editable

I miss the old ‘album walls’ for genres from 1.7:

The artists’ photos look reasonable on the top-level genre screen, but I would like to be able to change the artwork that is displayed just on this main genre page.
Navigation decisions are also just as likely to be based upon the Genre text…

However, once we have landed on a genre page, we already know where we are, so any image is more decorative than functional, and doesn’t need to keep the link between image and text as found on the top-level genre screen (which changes anyway depending on which artist has the most albums per a genre):

The photo area of each genre page is making full use of the width of the page; it seems a shame to waste it on what often is a clipped photogragh.

I’d rather the page art reflected, at a glance, something of the extent of each genre in our library, rather than just one artist, or for me, a location.

*Screens: 4k, OS Scale 150%

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Yes please.

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