Genre getting thumbnail but no large image displayed

When I upgraded to build 882, all of my Genres organization has been reset, so I noticed that this issue has still not been addressed even though it has a Ticket In. Unfortunately it has gotten worse as the main page for any genre that has a blank tile on the main genres page is also now missing artwork.

Also notice that the pop-up menu shows an image for the genre, but the image is missing from the genre’s page.

ok, logs just uploaded. they are called "

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Hi @AnimalOnDrums ,

I spoke to the team regarding your case, so I have split your thread into a new one as the symptoms are a bit different than the previous thread.

Are you still seeing this issue at the present time on the latest release (884)? In the logs, it looks like you were using build 882 instead of 884.

Looking over the logs your submitted it looks like you were getting network errors when trying to download the image files from our image servers.

If you’re still seeing this issue, can you please send a new log set so that we can compare the two? Thanks!


I just uploaded the logs. When I opened Roon today, I immediately went to the Genres pages and then selected one of the genres with the blank tile.

The issue Roon not showing genre images that have been used for other genres [Fixed] - #14 by noris
has not been fixed. Here are some images of my Genres page taken today:

In fact it has gotten worse. Before the launch of 880,
If you clicked on a genre with a blank tile in the Genres page, the genre page that it opens used to have a banner image just like every other genre page. After the upgrade to 880 the banner images also disappeared for these genres. Yet, there is a thumbnail image.


Hi @AnimalOnDrums ,

There were quite a few changes with regards to Artwork in the last releases since your last post, are you still seeing this issue?

Hi @noris ,

Thanks for checking in!

yes, the issue is still occurring, but a bit less than it was. I do have a new type of blank tile though. It is just blank instead of having the cross pattern like the other ones do. When I click on it and go to the genre’s page, the banner is the same gray color instead of being black.

Thanks again

Hey @noris
Hope you are doing well! Over the past few updates, this issue has gotten closer to being fully resolved. After today’s update to 923 I am happy to report that I do not have any missing images on my Genres page for any genres that Roon does not recognize such as “Fuzz Rock”, “Dublin Indie” etc… so that is awesome!
BUT the genre “New Age” is still missing an image. The difference is that “New Age” is a genre that Roon recognizes and uses, not one of my own genres. Just like in my last post, instead of the plaid, checkered-square pattern shown for cases where Roon does not recognize the genre the tile is just a solid gray color. Also, the same thing occurs for many subgenres of NewAge.


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Hey @AnimalOnDrums ,

Glad to hear that there’s been an improvement here!

I am able to reproduce this issue with a few genres on my end too, I have notified the team. Thanks for letting us know!

Great! Thanks so much for the update!

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