Getting started with Roon - should I get a Roon ready endpoint

I am just getting started with Roon. I got my core set up on a Synology NAS last night and was able to stream music to Yamaha RXV779 receiver via Airplay 2. I must say it sounds really good. I also have a Sonos connect attached to my Yamaha as well, but have not been able to test this yet.

My question is should I look into a Roon ready endpoint considering the hardware I currently have? If so what would the group recommend under $1000.

Btw: I am blown away by the Roon software interface. Easy to use, beautiful to look at, yet has all the geeky bits of information a geek would want. Great job guys!

Since you are just starting, I would recommend something much less than $1000.

An RPi will work to get your feet wet, or for more upscale but still cheap try an Allo device.

What input on the Yamaha were you intending to use? The streaming solution you use will depend on the available inputs on the Yamaha.

Allo has two different turnkey transports -

BTW - As far as SQ goes, I really dislike Airplay. You can do much better.

Slim - I don’t think the Allo USBridge is appropriate here - the Yamaha doesn’t have a USB input for digital audio as far as I can see. It has a USB input for an iPhone or USB storage stick, but that’s a different usage.

Yeah, that’s why I asked what inputs he thought he was going to use.

I really couldn’t see any other way but Airplay.

Well, if the Roon Core was running on a NUC (with either Windows or ROCK), it could connect to the Yamaha via HDMI. But I don’t think it’s possible with Core on a Synology.

It would be possible to use an RPi + DAC HAT (e.g. from IQaudio, Hi-Fi Berry or Allo) and then use digital audio (optical or coax) into the Yamaha.

I use the Chromecast Ultra on my Yamaha. Works well.


DigiOne for the win with Coax. (Not the Signature)

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Ah, yes - of course, and very affordable.

Very easy to setup also.


Mike - an off-topic question - can you use the Chromecast Ultra with your Yamaha as both an Audio endpoint and a Roon display simultaneously?

Come to think of it, I used an IQAudio HAT DAC with RCA out into the CD inputs on an Onkyo receiver.

Depends on the OP’s DIY chops.

Yes, the HDMI carries both Audio and Video. It is gorgeous on the big screen.


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Thanks for the information. I too feel that though Airplay sounded good. I am sure I am missing a lot. I am streaming FLAC files that are being downsampled to the unit.
I am using the Toslink input on the Yamaha from the Sonos connect.

There are good suggests here.

Some depend on whether you can assemble an SBC (small board computer) device.

Such as an RPi with a HAT.

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My vote would be for Mike’s suggestion of using a Chromecast Ultra - then you get both a good audio endpoint and a Roon display.


What’s the possible res on those devices?

Chromecast Sample Rates?

BTW, Chromecast Audio has been discontinued however the Chromecast Ultra (HDMI) has replaced it.


Another vote for the Chromecast Ultra here.

Thanks for the link.

So, although Ultra is not specifically mentioned this looks to be the case -

The Chromecast Audio has the Toslink output. Naturally no video available but a good audio endpoint non the less.

I use this feature connect to hook it up to any amp via Aux Input and from my phone or tablet I can play 24/96 to this amp. It really sounds great.

When they were discontinuing this device I was able to pick up 4 of them for future use.

I do not believe that the Ultra has this feature connect. It is HDMI and the audio specs are lower however you do get Video which the Roon team has taken advantage of. Now you can have Roon displayed on your TV with the audio automatically accessing the surround sound of your home theater if you go through your surround sound amp again controlling it from the phone or tablet.


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