Having issues since the last couple of Roon updates

I have updated my Nucleus to build 1234– no difference. My tablet is running build 1219, which appears to be the most current version also.

Above, you suggested I check whether “Roon has the proper exceptions to connect to our server.” I asked for clarification and instructions about that, but I got no response. As for doing “a full reinstall on the web UI” is that self-explanatory? You also did not follow up on the above suggestion that I may need to change some “advanced settings” on my router.

Hey @Scott_Klein,

Per the image you’ve shared of your router, I’m not actually able to see the specific model name, can you please provide it?

This is in regards to the firewall settings on your router. Without the specific model, I can’t give you the specific step by step on how to access your firewall, but here are general directions that should take you to the correct page :

Make sure both Roon.exe and RAATServer.exe are listed as exceptions here. I’d also check these settings on your Eero system as well.

You can access the webUI by following the directions here. Once you pull the webUI up, all you need to do is click ‘Reinstall’ next to ‘Operating System’.

I hope this all makes more sense, thanks, Scott!

My Motorola router is model MG 7700, and the general directions you provided look the same in my software. The relevant page looks just as it does on the sample instructions: IPv4 set to “low,” IPv6 “enabled.” It also says “No ports restricted.” I don’t know if I have to change the settings to allow for specific exceptions for Roon, or if this ought to cover it. I do not know how to check for exceptions in Eero-- I’ve looked through the software settings there without seeing anything obviously applicable.

Right now, through who knows what sequence of fiddling, I now more or less have Roon working with most of my watched folders (which now total around 13000 albums). The problems really reemerge when I ask it to also watch my very largest remaining file on my Synology NAS which stalls it out as I’ve described before.

Does Roon have problems with excessively large files or collections? It would be worth knowing if there are theoretical limitations to the size of libraries it can handle-- although I saw nothing suggesting this before I got a Nucleus.


Your library is at the bottom end of large, i.e., a Nucleus Plus is recommended for libraries of 12,000 or more albums.

Some users have collections much much larger.

Yes: right now: I only have 13000 albums that Roon is registering in the folders it can watch before it jams. My total collection is over 30000 albums if and when I can get Roon to work while watching my single largest folder in addition to the ones with which it’s currently working.

Hey @Scott_Klein,

After discussing this thread with the team today, we think it’d be a good next step to increase the RAM on your Nucleus. Here is a link to another thread with more info, as well as the specific RAM you can purchase to upgrade to:

Let me know if you have any additional questions!

Thanks, Don-- I will try this: I’ve ordered 32 GBs of RAM on two cards and will see if that solves the problem. (On the other hand, before I bought the Nucleus I had increased the RAM on the iMac I was then using for my Roon Core, and that didn’t solve the issue-- which was why I got the Nucleus in the first place). We will see.

I did wonder, however, given that my Roon balks at adding in the largest watched folder on my Synology NAS, whereas it reads the other folders on this NAS well: is there any chance the issue isn’t the sheer size of this remaining file, but some other issue with reading it? Have any other users reported problems with Roon reading particular single folders on otherwise usable NASes?

I’m back for more advice. Here’s the update: I installed 32 GBs of RAM into my Nucleus, but alas, as expected, it didn’t change my problem-- which is getting Roon to process and handle my very largest Music folder on my Synology NAS. I did realize that this folder was created by different means than the others: I had the Synology doing an incremental backup off of my Aurender AC10 while I was ripping the bulk of my media to wav files. Because of that, I discovered, the file system was more complex than I realized, and I had to edit the folder name in Roon to go down two more levels the where the actual music folders were stored.

I had hoped that would solve the problem: but nope. On the bright side, Roon now seems to be processing albums in that folder and adding them to my library, but at a glacial pace. It now recognizes that there are over 190,000 files to process, but is only getting through them at about 1000 a day. I enclose some screenshots. The first one shows the folders my Roon is watching-- the last one is the problematic huge folder in question. I also enclose a shot of where Roon is at after several days of processing, and an error screen I also get. In short, Roon is still not functioning for music listening, unless I disable this large folder from being watched. Doe sany of this make sense from the Roon end?