Headphone Amp Help

I’m not a proficient headfi guy and need assistance with looking for a headphone amp, if needed at all.

My new wired headphones are on route and I’m in need of a headphone amp with or w/out a DAC.

I’m keeping the make out of this as I’d like this thread to not get bogged down with individual thoughts of the headphones, just a headphone amp.

These headphones specs are;
• Frequency response:6Hz - 50kHz
• Sensitivity: 98dB
• Impedance: 20ohm

They’re are bright but articulate and transparent, energetic mids and warm bass.

Based on the specs I know I could just use, when portable, with a dongle DAC such as my AQ Cobalt. I want a fixed location solution to maximise SQ.

Budget £200-400.

Thanks in advance for any input you care to give.

I chose to go with a Schiit Magni 3 HP amp to use with my Hifiman Sundara closed back HPs

In that price range? Schiit.

[Also Fiio, iFi, many others]. But I’m a big Schiit Head. Get a Schiit Stack of Modi/Magni or if you want to touch into tubes get a Vali 2+ and Modi 3e. At that price point you’ll get much more for your pound if you go used on eBay - the UK distributor charges a big markup on his Schiit. The iFi Zen DAC is also great if you don’t want separates, and readily available on Amazon.



Yeah, must admit I like Schiit!

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Well done Johnny that made me laugh out loud :+1:t2:

I have iFi Zen DAC (original) and FIIO K5 Pro and both drive ally headphones easily.
There are a huge number of options available, but I have never really found the Schiit to be in stock (UK) since lockdown, and I looked a lot.


Topping DX3pro+ all the way. :headphones:


Might be worth having a look at Cheapaudioman on YouTube as he reviews a lot at that price point and I usually enjoy them

This recent one might be of interest to you.

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Hi @Kopftelefon what are your thoughts on the DX3pro+. What cans have you got and what other HP amps have you tried before settling on this one?

I’m familiar with Topping and have several of their DACs so know where you’re coming from in a way.


Cheers @Michael_Harris I always forget about him. I’ll take a ganders a little later.

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As seen by my avatar. I’m a Schiit fan too!


Nothing fancy here, just a nice setup at the desk.

Paid around £160 for the Modi 3+ and Magni 3+ (eBay).


I must admit, I just like the appeal of a pile of Schiit in my room. The endless jokes I can have is probably enough.

Was that £169 each?

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I come from a Shiit stack Magni/Modi.
It could drive my Sundaras effortlessly.

The Topping is just one box instead of two, has a remote, supports higher resolution & native DSD (if you are inclined in this direction) and has a nice display. Did I mention that it drives my Sundaras effortlessly?


No for Both.

£67 for the amp, (deal of the day) in mint condition, and paid £100 for the Dac.


What a great deal, sometimes you just get lucky :+1:t2:

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Just placed a bid for both at £160

I’ve always liked schiit gear and Mike Moffat and Jason Stoddard’s approach to their products and audio.

I was going to post the link to that, but wasn’t sure if I was allowed. Hope you get that!

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Open back or closed back?

Do/did you hear a difference between your schiit stack and the Topping?

Is it you selling on eBay? :grin:

Open, not really, and no. :nerd_face:

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Can highly recommend Schitt Magni Heresy Headamp love mine. It’s not a DAC just a Headamp load of power quiet as a mouse and pretty cheap.

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Has anyone had experience with a Pro-Ject Pre Box S2?

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Yes. Using this together with a Pro-Ject Stream Box S2 ultra as my “Headphones Endpoint” and am very happy.