Hegel H390 shows up multiple times under Airplay

Roon Core Machine

MacBook Air M1
Remote and Server are separated on the same machine. The problem occurred before as well when they were merged.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Vodafone ISP Router Connected to a Firewalla which manages my network.

Connected Audio Devices

Hegel H390 via Ethernet to Firewalla, Macbook via WLAN into Access Point (TP Link EAP 620 HD) via VLAN connected to same LAN as H390

Number of Tracks in Library

2000 Tracks 99% Tidal

Description of Issue

This problem got reported multiple times but no solution that was mentioned worked for me.

From all the Hegels in this screenshot (I’ve renamed them to better be able to tell them quickly apart for switching) only no. 2 was able play via Airplay.

At some point during the day Roon looses connection to the Hegel. I was looking at the Audio devices and in that moment multiple devices got added all at once. Which can be seen in this screenshot.

What I’ve tried so far:

  • Deactivated MDNS reflector on my Firewalla (it is still deactivated)
  • Restarted the Firewalla
  • Restarted the Hegel (I will now reset the Hegel)
  • Restarted the Core and the machine multiple times
  • Deleted the content of RoonServer Folder and Roon folder and began a quasi new setup. No change. Multiple AirPlay Hegels are added.

In the beginning the devices got deleted but came back after some time. Now the list doesn’t even get cleared anymore.

I wouldn’t mind this problem at all but throughout the day Roon looses connection to the Hegel and stops playing. I then have to click play and then it works for some time again.

When it happens again I’ll edit this post and attach the server log.

Here are the former threads:

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Wow that’s nuts.

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I have to add that I reset the Hegel just after I created the posting and at the moment that ‘newly’ reset Hegel is the only Airplay device currently added. So no duplications as of this moment.

I’ll wait and see and maybe this resolved the issue…

Its the one on the bottom left (the old copies are still there):

Fingers crossed🤞

Which Firewalla is it?

Is the TP-Link AP standalone or are you running the TP-Link controller software?

Do more appear when you turn off/on (standby) the Hegel?

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This some times happens (or use to with Apple TVs).

Set a static IP for the Hegel and see how you go

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  1. Its the Firewalla Gold https://firewalla.com
  2. TP Link is standalone
  3. I just restarted the Hegel. No new network Hegels were added to the list - looking good so far.
  4. Static IP is set in the Firewalla.

Thank you☺️

Small update:

So far so good. There is still no duplicate.

If it stays this way then resetting the Hegel was most likely the solution in my case. I’ll give it some time and then mark the solution here.

After a restart just now of the Server the old duplicates vanished so that its now all clean again!

Wow this feels so good :joy::joy:

For trouble shooting at Hegel and Roon. Before the reset the only things I had changed in the Hegel were the sleep time to 1 hour and the device name to Hegel H390 via its Web UI. Maybe that bugs out at some point. I’ll set these settings again and keep an eye on it.

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