High CPU Usage on Mac Mini 2018

@dylan can we get an update?

Same issue here. Running 2018 Mac Mini, 3.6GHz i3, 64GB RAM, Catalina 10.15.7. Roon Server at 200-300%, RAATServer at about 100%. Both immediately on launch. Mini is connected to LAN with wifi turned off. Music files are on a NAS. I can send process samples for both server processes.

@support please share an update.

Hi all,

The team has been working on this, but we don’t have any specific information we can provide just yet. This remains a high priority issue for us, and we’ll be sure to keep everyone in the loop as soon as we can provide more information.


Big Sur is here, let’s see if it becomes the 3rd macOS affected version, hope Big Sur has a hidden big magic…

I usually wait for a few months for the major OSX update (usually until x.1 comes out). In the meantime, Catalina released another supplemental update (now 10.15.7), which I just installed today on both of my MacMini 2018. Previous supplemental update I did in Aug. 2020 (10.15.6 - when did this change?) didn’t resolve the issue. This posting is a time stamp for the record and I will keep you posted if I encounter the issue again.

Honestly, this has been a rare event for me in the past few months, so it’s not a big concern for me anymore, but still it’s not completely resolved.

I thought I had this sorted. But after weeks of no issues yesterday it was back with a vengeance CPU Roon use at a constant 300+ %. Its making this 2019 MBP unusable for other functions. Any advice would be appreciated!

David, have you updated to Big Sur? It’s perhaps a little too early to comment for sure, but my impression is Roon with Big Sur works well, though I’ve also had problems with high CPU use before.

Hi Mike.
I’ve not updated to Big Sur yet… I usually wait until at least a .1 release!
I’ve solved the issue with a reboot, but for how long…

It is clearly an erratic issue. I am using a 2019 MacMini (6 core i7) and have not noticed this one time!

I have been putting my iMac to sleep for the last few days maybe more than once a day, so far can’t repro it on Big Sur!

Thanks for the update, @mavmcl. Do let us know if anything changes.

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Hi @Dylan last few days:

2020-11-16 18:56:03 -0600 Sleep Entering Sleep state due to ‘Software Sleep pid=133’:TCPKeepAlive=active Using AC (Charge:0%) 7202 secs
2020-11-17 19:44:41 -0600 Sleep Entering Sleep state due to ‘Software Sleep pid=133’:TCPKeepAlive=active Using AC (Charge:0%) 5892 secs
2020-11-18 18:09:11 -0600 Sleep Entering Sleep state due to ‘Software Sleep pid=133’:TCPKeepAlive=active Using AC (Charge:0%) 7202 secs

Still can’t repro.
Not sure about others on Big Sur?

Just putting my time stamp on here. This is day 1 since my Big Sur upgrade. I don’t normally do the OS upgrade so soon, but reading the reviews about Big Sur gave me a reasonable confidence to jump the gun. So far so good. Let’s see how long it lasts troublefree. I have two identical MacMinis 2018 running Roon 24/7 so my data will be statistically more significant.

Also upgraded my MacMini (2019 Intel) to BigSur. So far so good.

Just to avoid confusion, Apple hardware names go by the year it was introduced. There is no MacMini 2019. Yours is MacMini 2018. I also bought mine earlier this year but it’s still called 2018. Now there is 2020 with M1.

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Ah OK, you are right. I stand corrected.

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This is kind of a hijack, but since everyone on this thread is used to checking CPU usage, I’m asking for help.

In the thread CPU spikes every 30 seconds, I brought up a problem a very long time ago. The Roon people seemed to lose interest, saying that there have been no other similar reports. Quoting my original post:

“I have various combinations of Roon, Roon Server and Core running on Macs. I’ve noticed that the CPU consumption spikes just about every 30 seconds in all instances. Depending on the power of the Mac, this is anywhere between 40 to 150%. The spike only last for a couple of seconds, but is worrying nonetheless, because it happens when I’m not doing anything in Roon, anywhere.”

This problem has persisted across OS upgrades, including BigSur. I have Roon Server on a late 2014 Mac mini, and Roon running on an iMac and a MacBook Pro. Every 30 seconds, there is this CPU spike. It happens at the same time on the server and the client, and also happens on the server with no clients connected. I’d be really grateful if Mac people out there could see if they see the same behaviour. It just involves running Activity Monitor’s CPU tab with 1 second updates, with “Roon” typed into the search field. Then stare at the CPU consumption. I see the spikes every 30 seconds, and they last a second or two.


seems still have no solution for this problem…