How do I know if I have an uncertified Roon Ready device?

How do I know if I have an uncertified Roon Ready device?

Have a look at the first post in this thread: Uncertified Roon Ready devices announcement

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Got to Settings > Audio and look. Do any of your devices have the pink “Uncertified” label on them, like this:

If so, fill in the form. If not, relax, you have nothing to worry about. Enjoy your music…


Are FiiO DAPs affected? I do not have one yet but I was going to get one next month. M11 or M11 Pro. Are they going to be ok or do I need to change my plans? I wish to have mobile endpoint during holidays and business trips.

They are not Roon Ready streamer so no they are not effected. They just use the Roon app to play locally to the device. But Roon does not support remote play regardless at the moment. So unless you have vpn working they won’t work away from home unless you take core with you.

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I am using Squeezebox streaming to Innous Zenith MK3.

Please advise if it is an uncertified roon ready device.

Do I need to fill out the form for developer?


you won’t be able to fill out the form. it requires the pink box.

Unable to see if my Benchmark DAC 3 is activated.
It currently plays from the Nucleus+ via direct USB.
Where do I confirm the DAC 3 is activated?


You’re not affected. DACs directly connected via USB are not within the scope of the Roon Ready program.

DAC3 has never been Roon tested or claimed any form of Roon certification. It has no network connection. It needs some form of Roon endpoint in front of it. In your case, you’re using the Nucleus as both Core and endpoint. All the DAC3 sees is a PCM or DSD stream coming over it’s USB connection. It doesn’t know or care anything about Roon or RAAT,

Hi @danny
I use Rpi end points with Ropieee and GentooPlayer software. Are they Roon Ready or will I have problems after Sept 21?

Hi @Antonio_Souza,
A Raspberry Pi is not a Roon Ready device, so they are not affected.

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So I don’t have to be worried…

Most of my system is boxed up due to a pending move, and will not be put together by the 21st.

My main question is the certification for my Schiit Yggy. It is (or will be when unboxed) attached to the Roon system by a DigiOne endpoint. Schiit has been coy about its compliance so I’m not 100% sure it would be pass this test.

So: is it? Thanks.

GTG, John.

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The Schiit Yggy has no network connection so it can never be a Roon Ready [network connected] device, thus it is not affected by the Roon Ready Certification changes.

This is a Raspberry Pi hat running Roon Bridge, it’s not a Roon Ready device, so it is not affected.


I am connecting my Roon core to my Lampizator Atlantic TRP DAC using USB.
Sometimes I connect it directly, sometimes I connect it to my Off Ramp 5 (which is a USB to SPDIF convertor ) and at those times, the roon players discovers my Off ramp 5.

I dont think either the Lampi or the Off Ramp 5 are roon certified. However I am not seeing the red “not cerfiied icon”. Does that mean I dont have to worry about anything?

The Roon Ready certification is about network players or streamers - devices connected directly to the network. USB or S/PDIF connected DACs are another class of devices and so are not affected. You have nothing to worry about.


Thanks, thats what I thought, just wanted to confirm.

I take it this doesn’t effect the ALSA driver output via USB?