How do I know if I have an uncertified Roon Ready device?

What device is this?
Streaming to the device itself would only be affected if it is a Uncertified Roon Ready network streamer.

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Hi Carl - it’s an Audionet DNA 2.0

I have roonserver installed on my QNAP and use USB out from it to the USB (mini b) input on the DNA 2.0. All is controlled via an iPad Pro.

Not a Roon Ready device, not affected.

Not a Roon Ready device, not affected.

Awesome - thank you :slight_smile:

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For anyone and everyone who is worried about Roon’s new device policy -

If your endpoint is connected to Core via USB or there is no pink banner for a networked device in Settings==>Audio, then GTG.

If your NAS is running Roon or RoonServer, then GTG.

If you have a NUC (or MOCK) that is running Roon ROCK to make it an endpoint, then GTG.

If you have a Mac or PC that is running Roon (or RoonBridge) to make it an endpoint, then also GTG.

If you have an RPi or Allo (or other SBC type device) that is running RoonBridge (or Ropieee or DietPi), then also GTG.

If the manufacturer of your device has not claimed a ‘Roon Ready’ status, then (again) also GTG.

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Roon sent emails to all affected users as I understand it so if you got an email re uncertified devices chances are you are affected. And if you don’t then it’s highly likely you are not.

It’s been detailed so many times how to check it’s getting a little bit silly that it’s being explained yet again…


One of my devices is coming up as uncertified, but I have not received an email from Roon to say I am affected. Does this mean I am OK? Thanks in advance for any clarification.

From my reading of the posts on this topic, assuming that everyone checks their e-mails, it seems that not everyone got an e-mail. Maybe you connected this device after the e-mails were sent out?

I would say that, because you are getting that warning message, then you are affected by the new policy.

Even stronger … people who should get an e-mail from Roon are not getting one and vice versa.

So definately something has gone wrong (a bit) - happened to me and a friend.

Nevertheless the chosen approach I can only underwrite.

Curious how many “Roon Ready” device manufacturers get their act together.

Slim, I’ve had the same setup for two years; it has worked flawlessly in all that time, so I will be really upset if this is not resolved for me (I have filled out a form).

I suspect there are many Roon users out there with uncertified kit that don’t visit these forums and are unaware that their system is about to go ‘belly-up’.


They won’t go belly up unless they are disabled for some reason. Then, they won’t be able to re-enable them.

Yeah, there seems to be a problem.

I asked this question before without an answer. A while ago, one could set some account switch to say one didn’t want to receive Roon e-mails. It shouldn’t have affected something like this, but did you set any switches like that?

Not only doesn’t everyone visit the forum, but how often does one look at Settings==>Audio?

Maybe Roon should send the e-mail to all users.

For you, if you’ve filled out the form, then you’re covered.

I think the correct solution would be to send an email to all Roon subscribers. Again, it’s about being customer focused, not internally focused. Nobody knows how many of these devices are in the process of being installed, in transit, or on-order.

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So what counts as ‘disabled’? If I get a power cut, will my system still work when I power up again? And what about Roon updates; if I implement an update, will Roon still work if the kit is uncertified?


Submit the form.

No, the screen shot it tell you that you have an uncertified Roon Ready device … thus you need to submit the form.

As for not getting an email, there are many reasons emails go “missing” … not being sent, wrong email address, ISP spam filtering, client spam filtering … etc. etc.

Please read these two posts …


Carl, yes, thanks; I am aware of the two Roon posts you mention and I have filled out a form as indicated. However, until I get confirmation that this has worked for me, I remain a little troubled (the phrase ‘this solution addresses the concerns of most affected users’ concerns me).

I have used Vortexbox servers for over a decade and they have always been excellent, reliable and good value products. Audiostore/Vortexbox are a small UK company and I don’t know how they will respond to this.

And as I asked before, what is going to happen to other Vortexbox users who may not be aware of the planned changes and therefore do not fill in a form?

thanks, Mel