How do you find the url for a radio station in tunein?

The topic is the question.

The Tune-In web page URL works with Roon Internet Radio. Go to the web page for the station in Tune-In, copy the URL in the browser bar and paste it into the Roon “New Station” input.

The Tune-In stream can be lower quality than other streams the station makes available. This thread sets out URL’s for hifi streams for particular stations or resources with such streams.

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Thanks. I will try that. I have been using iPad tunein app which doesn’t have a browser bar. Will switch to a browser version.

I like to use the TuneIn page URL because it imports artwork etc. I delete the long description and edit in a higher quality stream if I can find one.


I used TuneIn in Safari or Opera web browser, but cannot find the page URL. First test has been to get URL for ABC Lounge Radio from France.

What am I missing?

EDIT: okay, got it. Copy URL from web url window in browser!

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Found a nice trove of internet radio URLs for North America

The ones I have tried, have worked :slight_smile:

  1. ABC NEWS,
  2. ANNnews7-South Africa,rtmp://
  3. Euronews,
  4. WeatherNation,
  5. WGN-Chicago,
  6. US House,rtmp://
  7. US Senate,rtmp://
  8. NASA TV,
  9. Alaska-360north,rtmp://
  10. Dubai One-UAE,
  11. ONE Classic HD,rtmp://
  12. ONE Dance HD,rtmp://
  13. ONE Live Mix HD,rtmp://
  14. ONE Pop HD,rtmp://
  15. ONE Rock HD,rtmp://
  16. AUDIO-Americana,
  17. AUDIO-Classic CW,
  18. AUDIO-Forever 50s,
  19. AUDIO-New Orleans,
  20. AUDIO-Piano Perfect,
  21. AUDIO-Pink Floyd,
  22. AUDIO-Reggae,
  23. AUDIO-Texas Red Dirt,
  24. AK-Homer KBBI-890 NPR-Var,
  25. AK-Anchorage KRUA-88.1 AltRock,
  26. AK-Anchorage KSKA-91.1 NPR-Var,
  27. AK-Sitka KCAW-104.7 NPR-Var,
  28. AK-Juneau KTOO-104.3 NPR-Var,
  29. AK-Ketchikan KGTW-106.7 Country,
  30. AL-Birmingham WAPI-1070 NwTk,
  31. AL-Birmingham WBHM-90.3 NPR-Var,
  32. AZ-Phoenix KBAQ-89.5 Class,
  33. AZ-Phoenix KDKB-93.3 AltRock,
  34. AZ-Phoenix KUPD-97.9 Rock,
  35. CA-Fresno KMJ-580 NwTk,
  36. CA-LosAngeles KSPN-710 Sprts,
  37. CA-LosAngeles KNX-1070 News,
  38. CA-LosAngeles KMZT-1260 Class,
  39. CA-LosAngeles KCRW-89.9 NPR-Var,
  40. CA-LosAngeles KCBS-93.1 AdHits,
  41. CA-LosAngeles KLOS-95.5 Rock,
  42. CA-LosAngeles KSWD-100.3 CHR,
  43. CA-LosAngeles KRTH-101.1 ClsHts,
  44. CA-LosAngeles KROQ-106.7 ModRk,
  45. CA-LosAngeles KNAC Rock,
  46. CA-SanDiego KFMB-760 NwTk,
  47. CA-SanDiego XPRS-1090 Sprts,
  48. CA-SanDiego KCBQ-1170 NwTk,
  49. CA-SanDiego KPBS-89.5 NPR-Var,
  50. CA-SanFrancisco KCBS-740 News,
  51. CA-SanFrancisco KYA-1260 Oldies,
  52. CA-SanFrancisco KEST-1450 NwTk,
  53. CA-SanFrancisco KQED-88.5 NPR-Var,
  54. CA-SanFrancisco KCSM-91.1 Jazz,
  55. CA-SanFrancisco KLLC-97.3 AdRck,
  56. CA-SanFrancisco KFOG-104.5 AltRck,
  57. CA-SanFrancisco KITS-105.3 CHR,
  58. CA-SanFrancisco KSAN-107.7 ClsRk,
  59. CA-SantaBarbara KCSB-91.9 Var,
  60. CA-SantaCruz KRUZ-1080 NwTk,
  61. CA-Ventura KHAY-100.7 ModCW,
  62. CO-Colorado PR Classical,
  63. CO-Colorado PR News,
  64. CO-Denver KLZ-560 NwTk,
  65. CO-Denver KNUS-710 NwTk,
  66. CO-Denver KUNC-105.5 AltRock,
  67. CT-Bridgeport WICC-600 NwTk,
  68. CT-Hartford WNPR-90.5 NPR-NTk,
  69. DC-Washington WMAL-630 NwTk,
  70. DC-Washington WAMU-88.5 NPR-Var,
  71. DC-Washington WAMU hd2 Blugrass,
  72. DC-Washington WETA-90.9 NPR-Cls,
  73. DC-Washington WPGC-95.5 HipHop,
  74. FL-Jacksonville WXXJ-102.9 AltRock,
  75. FL-Miami WQAM-560 Sprts,
  76. FL-Miami WNMA-1210 ESPDep,
  77. FL-Miami WLRN-91.3 NPR-NT,
  78. FL-Tampa WGUL-860 NwTk,
  79. FL-Tampa WHBO-1040 Sprts,
  80. FL-Tampa WSUN-97.1 AltRock,
  81. GA-GPB Radio NPR-Var,
  82. GA-Atlanta WSB-750 NwTk,
  83. GA-Atlanta WAOK-1380 NwTk,
  84. GA-Atlanta WWWQ-99.7 CHR,
  85. GA-Augusta WALG-1590 NwTk,
  86. GA-Savannah WBMQ-630 NwTk,
  87. HI-Hilo KWXX-94.7 AC,
  88. HI-Honolulu KHNR-690 NwTk,
  89. HI-Honolulu KIPO-89.3 NPR-NT,
  90. HI-Kona KAPA-99.1 HawCont,
  91. HI-Maui KPOA-93.5 HawCont,
  92. IA-IPR Classical,
  93. IA-IPR News,
  94. IA-CedarRapids KMRY-1450 Oldies,
  95. IA-CedarRapids KCCK-88.3 Jazz,
  96. IA-DesMoines KIOA-93.3 ClsHits,
  97. IA-DesMoines KGGO-94.9 ClsRock,
  98. IA-DesMoines KAZR-103.3 ClsRock,
  99. IA-Dubuque WCRD-98.3 AltRock,
  100. IA-Dubuque WVRE-101.1 Country,
  101. IA-Dyersville KDST-99.3 ClsCW,
  102. IA-Mason City KGLO-1300 NwTk,
  103. ID-Boise KBOI-670 NwTk,
  104. ID-Boise KBSU-90.3 NPR-Cls,
  105. ID-Boise KBSX-91.5 NPR-NT,
  106. IL-Champaign WPCD-88.7 AltRock,
  107. IL-Chicago WIND-560 NwTk,
  108. IL-Chicago WSCR-670 Sprts,
  109. IL-Chicago WBBM-780 News,
  110. IL-Chicago WCPT-820 Talk,
  111. IL-Chicago WLS-890 Talk,
  112. IL-Chicago WCFL-1000 Sprts,
  113. IL-Chicago WXRT-93.1 AAA,
  114. IL-Chicago WDRV-97.1 ClsRck,
  115. IL-Chicago WLUP-97.9 ClsRck,
  116. IL-Chicago WFMT-98.7 Class,
  117. IL-Chicago WKQX-101.1 Rock,
  118. IL-Chicago WJMK-104.3 AdHits,
  119. IL-Springfield WTAX-1240 NwTk,
  120. IL-Urbana WILL-580 NPR-NT,
  121. IN-Indianapolis WLHK-97.1 ModCW,
  122. IN-TerreHaute WXXR-97.3 AltRock,
  123. KY-BwlGreen WKYU-88.9 NPR-Var,
  124. KY-Louisville WGTK-970 Talk,
  125. KY-Louisville WUOL-90.5 NPR-Cls,
  126. LA-BatonRouge WHYR-96.9 Talk,
  127. LA-GoldMeadow KAJN-1600 ClsHits,
  128. LA-LakeCharles KAOK-1400 NwTk,
  129. LA-NewOrleans WWL-870 NwTkSp,
  130. LA-NewOrleans WWNO-89.9 NPR-Var,
  131. LA-NewOrleans WWOZ-90.7 JazBlu,
  132. LA-NewOrleans WKBU-95.7 ClsRock,
  133. MA-Boston WBZ-1030 NwTk,
  134. MA-Boston WBCN hd2 ClsRock,
  135. MA-Boston WGBH-89.5 NPR-Var,
  136. MA-Boston WBUR-90.9 NPR-NT,
  137. MD-Baltimore WYPR-88.1 NPR-Var,
  138. ME-Portland WGAN-560 NwTk,
  139. ME-Portland WMEA-90.1 NPR-Var,
  140. MI-Detroit WJR-760 NwTk,
  141. MI-Detroit WWJ-950 News,
  142. MI-Detroit WXYT-1270 Sprts,
  143. MI-Detroit WYCD-99.5 ModCW,
  144. MI-Detroit WDET-101.9 NPR-Var,
  145. MI-Detroit WOMC-104.3 ClsRock,
  146. MI-GrandRapids WGVU-88.5 NPR-NT,
  147. MI-GrandRapids WLAV-96.9 ClsRock,
  148. MI-Lansing WKAR-870 NPR-NT,
  149. MN-Austin KAUS-1480 NwTk,
  150. MN-Bemidji KKBJ-1360 NwTk,
  151. MN-Duluth WQRM-850 Relig,
  152. MN-GrandRapids KAXE-91.7 Variety,
  153. MN-LittleFalls KLTF-960 NwTk,
  154. MN-MplsStPaul WCCO-830 NwTk,
  155. MN-MplsStPaul KTNF-950 Talk,
  156. MN-MplsStPaul WLOL-1330 Relig,
  157. MN-MplsStPaul KCMP-89.3 AltMusic,
  158. MN-MplsStPaul KCMPhd2 AltMusic,
  159. MN-MplsStPaul MPR News,
  160. MN-MplsStPaul MPR Classical,
  161. MN-ThiefRFalls KSRQ Polka,
  162. MO-KansasCity KCMO-710 NwTk,
  163. MO-KansasCity KRBZ-96.5 AltRock,
  164. MO-KansasCity KCJK-105.1 AdHits,
  165. MO-StLouis KMOX-1120 NwTkSp,
  166. MO-StLouis KWMU-90.7 NPR-Var,
  167. MO-StLouis KFTK-97.1 NwTk,
  168. MO-StLouis KPNT-105.7 Rock,
  169. MS-Mississippi PB Think NPR-Var,
  170. MT-Montana PR NPR-Var,
  171. NC-ChapelHill WUNC 91.5 NPR-Var,
  172. NC-Charlotte WFAE-90.7 NPR-NT,
  173. NC-Raleigh WCPE-89.7 Class,
  174. NC-WinstonSalem WFDD-88.5 NPR-NT,
  175. ND-Fargo KNDS-96.3 CHR,
  176. ND-Fargo KFNW-97.9 Relig,
  177. ND-GrandForks KUND-89.3 NPR-Var,
  178. ND-GrandForks KFJM-90.7 NPR-Var,
  179. NE-Lincoln KFOR-1240 NwTk,
  180. NE-Omaha KVNO-90.7 NPR-Cls,
  181. NE-Omaha KEZO-92.3 Rock,
  182. NE-Omaha KQKQ-98.5 ModAC,
  183. NM-Albuquerque KKOB-770 NwTk,
  184. NM-Albuquerque KDRF-103.3 ClsRock,
  185. NV-Reno KKOH-780 NwTk,
  186. NV-LasVegas KXNT-840 NwTk,
  187. NV-LasVegas KXTE-107.5 AltRock,
  188. NY-Buffalo WLKK-107.7 AltRock,
  189. NY-NewYork WNYC-820 Pub-Var,
  190. NY-NewYork WCBS-880 News,
  191. NY-NewYork WEPN-98.7 Sprts,
  192. NY-NewYork WBAI-99.5 Pub-Var,
  193. NY-NewYork WCBS-101.1 ClsHits,
  194. NY-NewYork WBAB-102.3 ClsRock,
  195. NY-NewYork WQXR-105.9 Class,
  196. NY-NewYork WBLS-107.5 UrbanRB,
  197. OH-Cincinnati WFTK-96.5 AltRock,
  198. OH-Cleveland WHK-1420 NwTk,
  199. OH-Columbus WCRX-102.1 Pub-Var,
  200. OH-Dayton WHIO-1290 NwTk,
  201. OK-OklaCity KOMA-92.5 ClsHits,
  202. OK-OklaCity KTUZ-106.7 RegMex,
  203. OK-OklaCity KRXOhd2-107.7 ClsRock,
  204. OK-Tulsa KRMG-740 NwTk,
  205. OK-Tulsa KGTO-1050 Oldies,
  206. OK-Tulsa KWEN-95.5 ModCW,
  207. OR-Corvallis KOAC-550 NPR-Var,
  208. OR-Portland OPB Music-Alt,
  209. OR-Portland KXL-101.1 NwTk,
  210. PA-Harrisburg WITF-89.5 NPR-Var,
  211. PA-Philadelphia WNTP-980 Talk,
  212. PA-Philadelphia WFYL-1180 Talk,
  213. PA-Philadelphia WPHT-1210 Talk,
  214. PA-Philadelphia WOGL-98.1 ClsHits,
  215. PA-Pittsburgh KDKA-1020 NwTk,
  216. PA-Pittsburgh KQV-1410 NwTk,
  217. PA-Pittsburgh WQED-89.3 NPR-Var,
  218. RI-Providence WPRO-630 NwTk,
  219. SC-Columbia WLTR-91.3 NPR-Var,
  220. SD-SiouxFalls KELO-1320 NwTk,
  221. SD-Vermillion KUSD-89.7 NPR-Var,
  222. SD-Yankton WNAX-570 NwTk,
  223. TN-Chattanooga WSKZ-105.9 ClsRock,
  224. TN-Knoxville WOKI-98.7 NwTk,
  225. TN-Memphis WXMX-98.1 Rock,
  226. TN-Memphis WMC-99.7 HotAC,
  227. TN-Nashville WPLN-1430 Pub-Var,
  228. TN-Nashville WWSM-95.5 ModCW,
  229. TN-Nashville WWTN-99.7 NwTk,
  230. TN-Nashville WRFN-107.1 Variety,
  231. TX-Austin KLBJ-590 NwTk,
  232. TX-Austin KGSR-93.3 AAA,
  233. TX-Austin KLBJ-93.7 ClsRock,
  234. TX-DallasFtWorth KSKY-660 NwTk,
  235. TX-DallasFtWorth WBAP-820 NwTk,
  236. TX-DallasFtWorth KRLD-1080 News,
  237. TX-DallasFtWorth KERA-90.1 NPR-NT,
  238. TX-DallasFtWorth KSCS-96.3 ModCW,
  239. TX-DallasFtWorth KJKK-100.3 AdRock,
  240. TX-DallasFtWorth WRR-101.1 Class,
  241. TX-Houston KIKK-650 Sprts,
  242. TX-Houston KLOL-101.1 SpPop,
  243. TX-SanAntonio KKYX-680 ModCW,
  244. TX-SanAntonio KONO-101.1 Rock,
  245. .
  246. UT-SaltLake KSL-1160 NwTk,
  247. UT-SaltLake KUER-90.1 NPR-NT,
  248. UT-SaltLake KRCL-90.9 NPR-Var,
  249. UT-SaltLake KHTB-101.9 ClsRock,
  250. VA-Bristol WOPI-1450 Sprts,
  251. VA-Charlottesville WINA-1070 NwTkSp,
  252. VA-Galax WBRF-98.1 ClsCW,
  253. VA-Harrisonburg WEMC-91.7 NPR-Cls,
  254. VA-Norfolk WHRO-90.3 NPR-Var,
  255. VA-Richmond WKLR-96.5 ClsRock,
  256. WA-Bellingham KGMI-790 NwTk,
  257. WA-Seattle KEXP-90.3 AltMusic,
  258. WA-Seattle KMPS-94.1 ModCW,
  259. WA-Seattle KJAQ-96.5 AdHits,
  260. WI-LaCrosse WKTY-580 Sprts,
  261. WI-LaCrosse WIZM-1410 NwTk,
  262. WI-LaCrosse WIZM-93.3 CHR,
  263. WI-LaCrosse WRQT-95.7 Rock,
  264. WI-LaCrosse KQYB-98.3 Country,
  265. WI-Madison WHA-970 WPR-NT,
  266. WI-Madison WERN-88.7 WPR-Cls,
  267. WI-Madison WORT-89.9 Pub-Var,
  268. WI-Madison WSUM-91.7 Pub-Var,
  269. WI-Madison WJJO-94.1 Rock,
  270. WI-Madison WMMM-105.5 AAA,
  271. WI-Milwaukee WTMJ-620 NwTk,
  272. WI-Milwaukee WJYI-1340 Relig,
  273. WI-Milwaukee WYMS-88.9 AltMusic,
  274. WI-Milwaukee WKLH-96.5 ClsRock,
  275. WI-Milwaukee WHQG-102.9 Rock,
  276. WI-Sparta WCOW-97.1 ModCW,
  277. WI-StevensPt WWSP-89.9 Jazz-Rck,
  278. WI-Viroqua WDRT-91.9 Variety,
  279. WV-West Virginia PR NPR-Var,
  280. WY-Laramie KHAT-1210 Country,
  281. WY-Wyoming PR NPR-Var,
  282. AT-Calgary CFFR-660 News,
  283. AT-Calgary CHQR-770 NwTk,
  284. AT-Calgary CFAC-960 Sprts,
  285. AT-Calgary CHRB-1140 NwSpts,
  286. AT-Calgary CJSW-90.9 Variety,
  287. AT-Calgary CHFM-95.9 AC,
  288. AT-Edmonton CHED-630 NwTk,
  289. AT-Edmonton CHQT-880 News,
  290. AT-Edmonton CHDI-102.9 ModRock,
  291. AT-Lethbridge CKXU-88.3 Variety,
  292. AT-Lethbridge CFRV-107.7 AC,
  293. AT-RedDeer CIZZ-98.9 Rock,
  294. BC-DawsonCreek CHET-94.5 Variety,
  295. BC-Kamloops CFBX-92.5 Variety,
  296. BC-Kelowna CILK-101.5 AC,
  297. BC-100 Mi House CKBX-840 CW,
  298. BC-PrGeorge CFUR-88.7 Variety,
  299. BC-PrGeorge CIRX-94.3 Rock,
  300. BC-Vancouver CISL-650 Oldies,
  301. BC-Vancouver CHMJ-730 News,
  302. BC-Vancouver CKNW-980 NwTk,
  303. BC-Vancouver CKST-1040 Sprts,
  304. BC-Vancouver CKWX-1130 News,
  305. BC-Vancouver CFTE-1410 Sprts,
  306. BC-Vancouver CJAX-96.9 AdRock,
  307. BC-Vancouver CFRO-100.5 Variety,
  308. BC-Vancouver CFUN-104.9 CHR,
  309. BC-Victoria CIOC-98.5 LtRock,
  310. MB-Portage CFRY-920 ModCW,
  311. MB-Steinbach CHSM-1250 EasyLis,
  312. MB-Winnipeg CJOB-680 NwTk,
  313. MB-Winnipeg CKXL-91.1 FR-Var,
  314. MB-Winnipeg CITI-92.1 ClsRock,
  315. MB-Winnipeg CJNU-93.7 Nostalgia,
  316. MB-Winnipeg CHVN-95.1 Relig,
  317. MB-Winnipeg CKUW-95.9 Variety,
  318. MB-Winnipeg CFWM-99.9 CHR,
  319. MB-Winnipeg CJUM-101.5 Variety,
  320. MB-Winnipeg CKY-102.3 CHR,
  321. MB-Winnipeg CKCL-107.1 ClsJazz,
  322. MB-Winnipeg CJIE-107.5 Variety,
  323. NF-StJohns VOWR-800 Relig-CW,
  324. NF-StJohns CJYQ-930 CW,
  325. NF-StJohns CHMR-93.5 Variety,
  326. NF-StJohns CHOZ-94.7 Rock,
  327. NF-Wabana CJBI-93.9 Variety,
  328. NS-Antigonish CFXU-93.3 Variety,
  329. NS-Antigonish CJFX-98.9 AC,
  330. NS-Halifax CFLT-92.9 AdHits,
  331. NS-Halifax CJNI-95.7 NxTkSp,
  332. NW-Yellowknife CJCD-100.1 AC,
  333. ON-Hamilton CHML-900 NwTk,
  334. ON-Hamilton CFMU-93.3 Variety,
  335. ON-London CFPL-980 NwTk,
  336. ON-London CHRW-94.9 Variety,
  337. ON-Ottawa CFRA-580 NwTk,
  338. ON-Ottawa CFGO-1200 Sprts,
  339. ON-Ottawa CIWW-1310 NwTk,
  340. ON-Paris CJIQ-88.3 AltRock,
  341. ON-Toronto CJCL-590 Sprts,
  342. ON-Toronto CFMJ-640 Talk,
  343. ON-Toronto CFTR-680 News,
  344. ON-Toronto CFZM-740 Oldies,
  345. ON-Toronto CFRB-1010 NwTk,
  346. ON-Toronto CIUT-89.5 Variety,
  347. ON-Toronto CJRT-91.1 Jazz,
  348. ON-Toronto CKIS-92.5 CHR,
  349. ON-Toronto CFMX-96.3 Class,
  350. ON-Toronto CHBM-97.3 ClsHits,
  351. ON-Toronto CHFI-98.1 AC,
  352. ON-Toronto CHUM-104.5 CHR,
  353. -mp3
  354. QC-Montreal CKGM-690 Sprts,
  355. QC-Montreal CJAD-800 NwTk,
  356. QC-Montreal CJMS-1040 FR-CW,
  357. QC-Montreal CKKI-88.9 Country,
  358. QC-Montreal CHOM-97.7 Rock,
  359. SK-Regina CJME-980 NwTk,
  360. SK-Rosetown CJYM-1330 ClsHits,
  361. SK-Saskatoon CFMC-95.1 CHR,
  362. SK-SwiftCurrent CKSW-570 CW,
  363. AUS-Brisbane 4ZZZ-102.1 AltRock,
  364. AUS-Mackay My105FM Country,
  365. AUS-Sydney WFM-101.7 ClsHits,
  366. AUS-Sydney 2GB-873 NwTk,
  367. FIN-Kajaani Kajaus FM AltRock,
  368. IRE-Heartbeat FM ClsHits,
  369. IRE-Newstalk 106 NwTk,
  370. IRE-Radio Nova Rock,
  371. IRE-RTE 2XM Alternative,
  372. JAM-Nationwide 95 NwTkReg,
  373. JAM-Newstalk 93 NwTk,
  374. JAM-Zip FM103 Reggae,
  375. NZ-Auckland 95b AltRock,
  376. NZ-NZ Country Music Radio,
  377. NZ-R Live 106 Variety,
  378. NZ-RNZ Concert FM Class,
  379. NZ-RNZ Nat-News,
  380. NZ-The Edge CHR,
  381. NZ-The Rock Rock,
  382. RUS-Rock-FM 95.2 Rock,
  383. RUS-Sputnik-English News,
  384. UK-BBC R1,
  385. UK-BBC R2,
  386. UK-BBC R3,
  387. UK-BBC R4,
  388. UK-BBC R5,
  389. UK-BBC R6,
  390. UK-BBC R London,
  391. UK-BBC WS News,
  392. UK-Big L-1395,
  393. UK-Capital FM-95.8,
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Anyone successful in finding an URL for WVVY in Martha’s Vineyard? Al Kooper now has a weekly radio show on that station using his New Music For Old People format. Thanks.

Anybody know what the url is for the FIP Musicale Eclectique radio station mentioned by Steve Guttenburg in a recent youtube. Thanks,

I don’t know the video in question, but isn’t “Musicale Eclectique” just the general description of the main FIP channel? See

If so, all FIP channels are in the main live radio database, and courtesy of @alec_eiffel, they have metadata too.

As BrianW pointed out, FIP main channel and 8 sister stations are available in Roon with exclusive home brewed metadata.

FIP is probably the most internationally renowned French radio, eclectic, original. I listen to it daily.

3 Roonies currently listening, Switzerland, UK and Belgium :slight_smile:


Radio link provided by TuneIn may or may not work. radio station sometimes hide stream url inside their javascript and provide completely different url. Sometimes they provide URL in Support section on their website.

There are two ways to find stream url.

  1. Open radio station website containing play button in Chrome browser. Right click and select View Page Source. This would display html code. Search text for keywords: stream, mp3, aac, hhs, mp4, m4a
  2. Buy software that is capable of identifying radio url (Applian Replay Media Catcher) that monitors network traffic. Once it records radio stream, you can see url in recorded file’s properties inside the application. Copy/paste URL to Roon

Thanks, I’ll try the different methods.

If ypu want to listen to FIP: go to Live Radio, search for FIP (via the magnifying glass) and voilĂ  :slight_smile:

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Why is it 193 and not 192
Please can anyone explain it to me - thank you

This is an old thread. What exactly do you want to know?

Why ist it playing with 193kHz rate and not with 192 kHz rate

This was my question
I did not know, that my question was unclear.

Even it is not a new thread, some things are even aktuell, even if they are not new.

Otherwise we should not liste to Beatles, Dire Straits and so on, because it is older then 2 months :rofl:

Which station are you referring to?