How long does it take to load your Roon library file?

Just to get a feeling what is normal in terms of library load times with different systems.
2019 iMac 3,6 GHz 8-core, 128 GB RAM, MacOS 11
Internal 2 TB NVME and 7,68 TB SSD; external 80 TB Thunderbolt Raid.
53,15 TB of music in 2 main folders (5,65 TB of this is my old iTunes folder)
Roon Library:
948.292 titles, 88.294 albums, 25.117 artists
69.741 albums in flac and Apple lossless, 2536 in AIFF and WAV, 15.326 in mp3/lossy
19.091 albums in HiRes, 815 in DSD
Loadtime of the 85,3 GB library file of RoonServer on the internal NVME is 5 min. 20 sec.
After 10 minutes the library check is done after reading in over 2.500.000 files.
Showing focus in album view takes about 19 seconds.

ROCK with NUC 10i5, about 45K tracks (12K local), 3.5K albums (1K local).
It more or less feels instant, in reality probably a few seconds but I only reboot for updates, and then it’s basically immediately available after the reboot

I had to trim down my library from 800k to 150k tracks, because it was painfully slow

Note that there is a known issue (that Roon is working on) with performance in some library configurations, e.g. having more than a thousand albums in one artist folder or some such. There are discussions about it in some threads

If by ‘library load time’ you mean the time it takes from reboot to the Roon jellyfish disappearing I think your times look rather good for such a huge library.

With 150k tracks, external USB storage on a 7i7NUC, it is about 2 minutes for me. Library scan time finishing very shortly after. Once scanning is finished, everything is reasonably snappy but I think we have all become accustomed to the small ‘cloud search’ delays introduced with Roon 2.0. But in-use performance is another topic entirely and as noted in previous posts, some large libraries have performance issues by design (under investigation).

See the following which may or may not be related to your problem:

If you mean full restart of the app then 1min 30 for me with 22k tracks on Rock all local these days no streaming. Funny thing it didn’t change vastly since removing all my Qobuz favourites. A full reboot about 30secs more.

My Roon library file is of a similar size to yours, however my Roon is quite different:

Windows 10 Home
Processor Intel(R) Core™ i7-7700K CPU @ 4.20GHz 4.20 GHz
Installed RAM 64.0 GB (previously 32.0 GB)
System type 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor
Solid state drives for both Roon and Roon backups.

Approximately 58K local albums which are spread across three different USB hard drives.

At the moment Roon takes approximately 4 to 5 minutes to load into memory and the library rescan/check finishes in about 10 minutes. Showing Focus in album view takes about 5 seconds.

When running Roon uses between 18,000 and 21,000 of RAM

Very similar times to those you are experiencing.

I know what you mean. I had these problems too for a long time. In these times I worked on my library in the background. In my case, the update 3-4 weeks ago solved all the problems and I again can listen happily to my music.
I think a proper tagged library and a good folderstructure helps Roon to unite everything as fast as possible.


I have 330k tracks many on local nas share, maybe 10% is tidal/qobuz.

Rock on i7-10700 with 32gb ram and 256gb ssd boot.

Typically 3-4 minutes I would say from a software restart, and this is probably fairly similar if I run the core on windows on the same hardware or on an m1 mini 2020 16gb ram.

My German is nil , but the error dialog you show I don’t think is related to your library load , it looks like a bad connection to the Roon Cloud

Try re-booting

Answering the time , my 130k tracks takes around 2 minutes . I keep a 70k USB drive but disabled to keep the track count down. It takes around a minute to be activated