Sluggish Performance. Large Collection

Roon Core Machine

Could someone from Support please look over the discussion I started back in March. All your questions about my system are addressed there (and more).
NUC 10, i7, 64 GB rqm, 250 gb m2, 500 gb ssd, 22 TB SanDisk Professional external drive running through USB 3.2 connection. Internet is 1 gig fiber optic. Router is Netgear Orbi 960. 285,000 tracks.
Performance is exceedingly slow.

@Ronald_Lyster, the thread you referenced is a #roon discussion thread. If you require assistance post in #support, and complete the template in the opening post.

For ease, I’ve pasted this below:

Please be sure to include details of your core, network, storage location of your media files, and any messages displayed by Roon. Thank you.

Roon Core Machine

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Roon Core Machine

ROCK (Linux) on NUC 10i7FNH1 // 64 GB Ram

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Netgear Orbi 960. Core attached to QNAP QSW-2014-25-A switch (connected to the router) via ethernet cable.

Connected Audio Devices

HiFiBerry Amps and DACS in 5 zones, all connected with ethernet CAT 6 cables.

Number of Tracks in Library

285629 tracks

Description of Issue

Extremely poor and slow response. Slow loading songs. (Once a song starts playing it will play to the end, but the next song in the playlist may take several minutes to queue up.) Roon is constantly adding and identifying music, and has been doing so for over a month. I wish you would take a look at the community forum postings, as so much more has been said there.

I see that community thread is still going at full speed but there’s nothing here. Unashamedly bumping this in case it was missed.

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They are all trying very hard to find a “fix.” Assumptions are being made about how Roon works and why I might be experiencing these problems. Would love some “official” support guidance. :wink:

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This looks significant can you investigate please…


Good luck! Here’s my mega thread on this and i do think the issue is ARC craps out on large connections. Roon ARC not showing any data being used with albums on hard drive ARC

Roon is still slogging through the process of “adding music to library.” Haven’t heard much from this support group. Is there a way to stop Roon from “adding music to library” temporarily so I can listen to music?

Hey @Ronald_Lyster,

Thanks for taking the time to write in! Our team was able to review your core diagnostic, and see quite a bit of bandwidth being taken up due to the amount of active tags you are using. Our records indicate there are over 1000 tags being used. Is this accurate?

To keep you in the loop on things, we’ll now be in the process of creating a similar environment internally with our QA team to replicate similar performance issues so we can then start to work on improving behavior. I can’t speak on a timeline for this.

I don’t have any immediate next steps for you, other than to test out removing tags you may not need (I’d make a fresh backup of your current database before any edits :+1:)


I don’t recall putting tags on anything. These may have been generated by Song Kong or Jaikoz, I don’t know, but I certainly don’t need them. Unless… These “tags” were meant to keep compilation albums that Roon doesn’t recognize together. I have over 70,000 tracks that are found on albums with “various artists.” These albums came that way - I did not create them. Could that be the case? How do I remove all the tags (other than all of the “merging” I’ve done to keep the compilation albums together)?

I also run Foobar2000 on all tracks to add Replay Gain information. Would that be a problem for Roon?

Hey @Ronald_Lyster,

Can you please head to My stuff> My tags and snap a screenshot? A few that we saw in your diagnostic were:

Listen to the Band
Central Avenue Sounds
I'll Be Seeing You: Songs That Won the War
Pure... 80s
The Originals: Legendary Recordings
Looking Back
Grand Theft Auto Vice City Official Soundtrack Box Set
Ultimate Jazz & Blues
Classic Rock
Serious Beats 82
Mastermix Classic Cuts Presents: The Rock Box
Complete Works for Piano

Perhaps these aren’t tags generated in Roon, which could be tripping things up.

Did you use Foobar2000 or any other third-party software to assign metadata information prior to importing these tracks into Roon?


I routinely use Foobar2000 to add Replay Gain information, and Song Kong for adding all other information.
Here’s the “My Tags” page:

Well… After I made this screenshot (about 15 minutes later - everything goes quite slowly here with Roon) My Tags filled up with box sets. There are 80 on a page. I didn’t go past the first page, so there may be many more of these. Should I delete them all?

A screenshot would help.

Hey @Ronald_Lyster,

Thanks for the update! Before doing anything, I’d make sure you have a recent backup saved. Head to Roon Settings>Back up> Back up now.

After you have a saved backup, I would test out removing your tags and seeing that makes any difference in performance. :+1:

Backup made, all tags deleted, and server restarted. We’ll see now how it goes.

Okay those Boxset tags are added by SongKong if you have the Add RoonAlbumtag to albums identified as box sets option enabled, this is disabled by default but enabled if using the Roon Profile

This option was added because of a discussion with Roon customers using the Roon album tag as a workaround for having problem with boxsets in roon,sounds like need to revisit this.

You can remove these tags from your original files by using the Metagrater task, and adding the Roon Album Tag to the list.


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Just to confirm:

  1. Will Songkong apply the same album title to all CDs in a boxset?
  2. Will Songkong number the disks 1/3, 1/2, 1/3 … etc. or something similar that roon knows how to interpret?

Hi Tony,

  1. Yes in usual circumstances (only not if have set Multi Disc Release to Always add disc no information to the release title)

  1. Yes, SongKong add DISC_NO/Disc_TOTAL ectera

If the Add RoonAlbumtag to albums identified as box sets is enabled it only adds album tags for albums with at least 4 discs, this the way we define a boxset in the absense of anything else.

It seems the issue is not with Roon album identification, but there maybe a flaw with how Roon processes ROONALBUMTAG tags.