How to add all Qobuz Favorite albums to My Library Albums

Roon Core Machine

Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Essentials, AMD Ryzen 5 3400G 3.7 GHz, 32 GB RAM, all SSD

Networking Gear & Setup Details

FTTH Internet Connection 1000/500, AVM Fritz!Box 5530 Fiber, NETGEAR Gigabit Ethernet Switches, all wired

Connected Audio Devices

Microsoft Windows 10 PC, Intel i7-5600U 2.60GHz, 8 GB RAM, USB, Wadia 151PowerDAC mini

Number of Tracks in Library

30,288 tracks, 2364 albums

Description of Issue

Albums I add via the web browser to Qobuz favorites show up in Roon under “Qobuz Favorite albums” as expected.

But those albums do not show under “My Library Albums”.

I have read posts that this can happen with very new albums or future albums, because it takes a few days until new albums on Qobuz get synched with Roon, but it also happens with albums that have been released in the past.

How can I add all “Qobuz Favorite albums” to “My Library Albums” without clicking the plus symbol on each album again?

Yes, I backup every day and I have the latest version installed and I have already renamed the Roon folder, downloaded the installer from the website again and reinstalled the Roon client on my PC.

Is this the case for all Qobuz albums listed in the “Qobuz favorite albums” section in Roon, or just a subset?

If it is a subset, then is it possible that the albums are ones where you have a local copy of the album in your library, and that is marked as the Primary version?

If you hit the refresh button under Qobuz service, do they appear?

The two sections are on very different uodate cycles. The Qobuz section is pretty instant. Roon checks every so often.

Hey @Christian_M, it’s a two-step process I’m afraid. Hearting an album in Qobuz gets it to appear under My Qobuz in settings, but I don’t know of a way to then mass add all those to your Roon library, but I could be wrong. There may be an older thread that deals with this. I’ve been meaning to take a look, and will do so now.

While you can “Select all”, in My Qobuz, there’s isn’t an “Add to library” option, only “Add to playlist”.

I see someone else is replying, so maybe they know.

Hearting an album in either the Qobuz web app or the Qobuz app should automatically add the album to your Roon library.

Equally, adding a Qobuz album to your Roon library in Roon should mark the album as a favourite in the Qobuz apps.

Syncing in both directions should be automatic. It’s not done in real time, but the sync can be forced via Settings > Services > Qobuz Edit > Sync.

Geoff, it doesn’t for me, so maybe the OP and I both are going about it the wrong way. Any idea what I’m missing?

P.S. I’ll be happy to provide screenshots of each step I’m doing if you think that would help?

Well Geoff, it should, but it is only working if you heart in the Qobuz app. If you heart on the Qobuz webpage, the album is added to My Qobuz but NOT added to My Library.
I have been reporting this for months now, and I have given up. I do not understand why it is so difficult for Roon to actually test this.
So please be my guest, and try for yourself: go the the Qobuz webpage and heart a new (for you) album. After synchronization (manually if need be) , check in Roon. You will find the album added to My Qobuz but not in My Library.
Do the same with another album but this time with the Qobuz app.
You will see the difference.

Hey @Dirk_De_Taey thanks for this. So the work-around is to use the app. I never open the thing. Well at least now I know.

P.S. @Dirk_De_Taey, does the same thing apply to playlists? What I mean is there a way to use the app and mass add all tracks from a Qobuz playlist directly into your Roon library?

On an individual basis,or even a couple of albums, the Add to Library is shown and functional for new albums in the My Qobuz section.
I do believe it will not be shown if you select one or more albums already in your Library.

Unfortunately something bizar is going on here:
I have 2060 Qobuz albums in My Library

Of those, I have bought about 350 albums added to My ‘local’ Library.
Looking at The Qobuz wegpage - My accounts -

I would have around 2600 Qobuz favorites, but I have been doing some ‘personal’ cleaning in Roon, so this could be OK.

When I look at My Qobuz and select All albums I get exactly the same 530 albums, as you do

So Roon is limiting (Bug ?) the number of albums in My Qobuz view.

Sorry, no idea. I have setup only a couple of playlists in Roon - I am more an ‘album’ listener.

Well, I beg to differ - at least on my system it’s working as it should. I :heart:ed this Vaughan Williams album in the Qobuz web player app, and it’s showing up in my Roon library…

Yeah, I think the problem is if you select an album you’ve already added to your Roon library along with ones you haven’t, then the “Add to library” option grays out. Same logic applies throughout Roon I believe.

Got a chuckle out of this. It’s good for you that you don’t get the exact same 530 albums as me, but it does appear Roon is limiting what you can view to a max of 530, or at least that’s how I interpret what you discovered. Seems like I’ve seen someone mention this before, but it’s hard for me to keep it all straight.

Geoff I’m wondering if this could somehow be due to the browser one uses and whether or not you’re using any type of content blockers. Just a thought that could very easily be way off base. But since you’re able to, and we’re not, something weird is definitely going on.

Just hearted this Alabama Shakes album I want to listen to:

After I click on the refresh icon, it appears under My Qobuz:

When I click on the album, the album page opens and the plus sign is there:

Deleted by poster

Well Geoff

You actually make my point!!!
The fact that the + sign is there, means the album is NOT added to your Library. You will still have to do it manually by clicking on the +

P.S. The album is added to your My Qobuz section

Ok, important update here @Geoff_Coupe and @Dirk_De_Taey, it appears that there’s a delay in Roon adding it to your library. Note the spinning icon now appears in place of the plus sign. I’ve never noticed this before because I always just go ahead and click the plus sign and add it. Wow!

P.S. and if I navigate to the artist page, discography view, and focus on what’s in my library, voila:

Look, when you are viewing Qobuz albums in the Qobuz pages of Roon, you are viewing the album in Qobuz - and you will always see the “+” sign whether you already have the Qobuz album added to your library or not.

Er - that’s exactly what I said and did in my previous post for the Vaughan Williams album… It is added to My Library.

I understand Geoff. Did you see my most recent post? It appears the issue is there’s a delay in Roon adding the hearted album to your library. So you are correct in what you said.

I didn’t mean to stir up any controversy. In my opinion, it’s good we got this sorted because hopefully other people can see what the problem is, and know that in fact, you can use the webplayer to add Qobuz albums directly to Roon, just like you apparently can with the app. You just have to wait for Roon to process the addition. And I assume the delay might occasionally take longer sometimes than it does at others, giving one the impression that it didn’t work. But if they’ll just wait, the album will eventually appear in their Roon library.

Unfortunately, I don’t know that any of this necessarily helps the OP was his problem.