How to consolidate?

After scanning my music library, I had a few names of Artists in their original foreign language (like Korean or Russian). After editing the Artist name, now I have two groups with exactly the same Artist name - my editing did not go into the old group. How can I consolidate the two groups? I should have all albums of a certain artist under the same name heading.

Are you talking about having edited the artist name in Roon (Album Editor/Edit Fields/Album Artist) or in the file tags?

Hi Gianluca,

Brian has said that after the next release there will be a focus on metadata. A number of people have reported similar issues where artists are split.

Being able to “merge artists” is a feature request which I would very much like to see.

For now, if your file tags are identical, there’s not much to be done.

Thx to both of you.
I suppose I will have to wait for a new relase…