I converted my Local WAV-Files to FLAC. But when I switch to the FLAC versions, all my metadata edits are lost

Content you’re reporting an issue with

Many Albums.

Have you made any edits to this content in Roon?

Yes, I have done Countless hours of metadata (mostly track title) correction.

Is the album identified in Roon?

Yes, to my knowledge every album (with maybe one exeption) is identified by Roon.

Is this content from local files, TIDAL, or Qobuz?

Local Files, but some albums also have Qobuz versions.

Screenshot of import settings

The import settings are to big to be screenshotted, but I think, I have nothing changed.

Description of the issue

The day before yesterday, I had asked how I could convert my Local Files from WAV to FLAC. Now, both the FLAC & WAV-Versions are imported in Roon. The WAV-Files still have all the metadata Edits I made through Roon, but not the FLAC-Files. Is there any way to fix this, so that I can Remove the WAV-Files or do I have to stick to them?
Edit: I had forgotten a really minor thing: The dynamic range of the WAV & FLAC-Files is different according to Roon. What could be the reason for that?

There are no real standards for tagging WAV files or embedding metadata so different tools/manufacturers use different conventions. Naim for example stores the metadata in a separate file to the WAV file. This means there is a lot of scope for loosing, miss-converting metadata depending on the combination of tools used.

I use either foobar or dbPoweramp to do the conversion and rarely have problems.

  1. What tool did you use to rip the WAV’s?
  2. What tool did you use to tag the WAV’s?
  3. What tool did you use to convert the WAV’s to FLAC?
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Are the FLAC files recognized by Roon as different versions of the same album? Probably. Then you can’t transfer in-Roon edits between the versions, unfortunately

Related feature suggestion dealing with in-Roon edits currently being version specific and not transferable:

And more similar ones in search results: Search results for '#feedback:feature-suggestions playlist version' - Roon Labs Community

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@tripleCrotchet :

  1. Exact Audio Copy
  2. MP3Tag
  3. dbPoweramp

@Suedkiez That’s dumb, to say the least. That means that I either have to stick with the WAV-Files or repat all the Edits.

Thank you both for the answers!

I pretty much do what you do except I rarely use EAC these days and use dbPoweramp to rip.

All my mp3Tag’s are preserved when I convert from WAV to FLAC using dbPoweramp. I rarely tag directly in roon. Do you mean it is your roon edits that are not conserved?

Yes, that is the problem.

Yeah, it would be such a helpful feature in so many ways. Or if one could make credits (or other stuff) apply to the generic album entity, not a specific version.

Edit: Both options would then be needed because, e.g., a particular credit may only apply to a reissue with bonus tracks (while the main personnel would apply to all versions of an album). Or a heart favorite or a tag may apply to the whole album or just a specific version

You can currently overcome this in part by multiselecting several/all versions that are currently available, and making the edits for the multiselection. But that doesn’t help if another version becomes available later.

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I always edit the tags of the original files (outside of Roon), so they stay should I use another piece of software to play them. I use Metadactics, but there are plenty of others.

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Yeah but that only helps with local files. When editing streaming albums it would be nice to copy edits from one version to another, e.g., if Qobuz replaces the album with a different version or you switch streaming providers. The ability to copy in-Roon edits would be super helpful in so many different scenarios

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I totally agree with you on that!

Does this only work with the metadata of the full album or does it also work with the track titles? If so, I could At least do it for the FLAC-files and (if they are available) the Qobuz versions at once.

Thank your for the good recommendation, but I think, this time it doesn’t really help me to fix my issue :).

Once again, I agree. Roon should have such a fuction.

It works for a multiselection of tracks within one version, but I don’t think you can multiselect tracks across different versions, so there’s no way to apply it, as far as I can tell

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Okay, thank you for the Response.

Maybe the Roon Support has another Idea to solve the Problem.

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How many of these albums are identified? You say most of your edits were track titles. In most cases if the albums are identified the track names will will be auto-populated regardless if your local files are tagged or not. You may have to change your import settings to roon rather than file but you didn’t screenshot those so it is difficult to say.

The metadata Edits are made through Roon.

Have you tried changing your import settings to roon rather than file? You certainly will not see your edits but a lot of the point of roon is not having to edit all metadata and letting roon do as much as possible.

That figures , Roon does not change any of your files on the hard drive. Any edits are stored in the Roon database and not passed back to the original file. This is seen as a non - intrusive feature

So your actual files know nothing of these edits and the original tags stay as is . So when you convert , the original tags are carried over NOT your (Roon) edits.

It’s then a matter of how Roon ID’s you “new FLAC” files , the tag changes will be associated with the “old WAV” file , if it sees the new and old as versions then the edits will still be there, if not they will be lost.

With (good 20:20) hindsight the better route would have been to make the edits in the original WAV files and let Roon import them , that way the conversion would keep the edited tags

You have just found out Roon is a Lousy Editor

This is how the setting is set, but there are just so many errors. For example: I have one Album where the Metadata is completely wrong. (But in this Case it was easy to fix because the file tags were right.) That was one thing that made Roon so atractive for me, that I could fix all these issues.

I know, but I thought: If Roon sees that the Files are in the same Directory and have the same File names with just a different extension and the same tags, it would be smart enough to recognize that.

I guess.

14 Days have passed. Any Solution for this, Roon support?

That is fixed by the way. I think Roon needed just a little longer to analyze the files.

I don’t expect a Solution anymore, but an official Answer, would be a nice thing after 31 days.

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