Importing likes into Roon

Hello fellow Roon users. I recently signed up for Roon and as part of importing my library I would like to “import” all my likes into Roon. Moreover, I’d like to have bi-directional syncing.

It came to mind I could use the JS API but after looking into it for a while, it seems that there’s no way to “like” a song using the API.

Am I missing something? Is there no way to programatically like a song on my Roon library?

I’ve tried the following things:

  • search for a Roon “Library” API that’d allow me to Like, couldn’t find any
  • use the Browse API, submit a Search, and try to “Like” using the action_list
  • try Soundiiz, managed to sync my likes with TIDAL, but can’t seem to heart those songs when accessing the playlist from within Roon.

This is indeed not provided by the API.


Another use case for this: adding a “like”/“add to library” button to a Roon remote.

@support is there any workaround here?

So this is convoluted.

Use Soundiiz.

Export into Tidal/Apple Musc (iTunes) (verify they match, PITA)

Integrate Tidal/Apple Music into Roon, make a playlist of the Loves

Select all in Roon and “Love” Them.

Hi @Jose_Albornoz,

For, Roon only does scrobbling at the present time. If you want, you can look into Bill’s suggestion of using Soundiiz, but do note that if you use Soundiiz to import the tracks, they would likely be imported as TIDAL favorited tracks (not local library tracks). See this following thread for further info in this regard:

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I just followed your steps and it only shows 1000 loved tracks in soundiiz but I have 4500 loved tracks on There must be a 1000 track limit with soundiiz, unfortunately.

Are you a paid subscriber to Soundiiz?

Yes, premium account.

Can you split the loves into 4 1000 track playlists?

Hi, I’ve followed this advice and successfully created a Roon playlist (doesn’t show the Tidal icon from the playlists list). Despite having a local playlist I still can’t seem to be able to “Love” them. The heart is disabled.

Hi @Jose_Albornoz,

This is because of my point above:

For Roon to be able to favorite tracks, they must be part of your library prior to being added to a playlist. Please see Mike’s explanation here for more details on this here:

And here:

I am not interested in ‘liked’ tracks as the OP is here, but I am bumping this because having the ability to import data/plays would be AMAZING. I have been using Roon for a couple of months, but for about 16+ years. Having all my play data in Roon would be a joy, and definitely make it a more useful tool for me, especially with the new 1.8 front page stats layout.

Please consider better integration Roon Labs people :slight_smile: