INFO: ALLO audio boards 10% code

Hi to all,
We are glad to finally be here and get closer to the ROONlabs community.

We manufacture the KALI reclocker board which works with the RPI and SLAVE mode DACs. There is loads of info available on the net about our KALI, or just ask me if you have any questions. Also refer to this post here made by Janis

Our PIANO 2.1 DAC is also well know by audiophiles world wide thanks to its subwoofer out and digital cross over feature.

Please get to know our hardware, visit not only our site, but read what many music lovers who bought our hardware have to say and if you are interested in placing an order, please use ROON10 for 10% off (valid from Dec 28 to Jan 28).

Maybe if enough people are interested, we can organize a giveaway/contest where people can win our hardware…

Bye for now!


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Thanks for the 10% offer, now that dietpi is an option I’ve decided to order a sparky SBC to try it out.


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Is there a new discount code?

we will update soon.
thank you

Hi Andre,

Any news on discount from Allo?

Best regards,

Hi we will use the same code ROON10 valid starting tomorrow and ending on May 31st.


… any plan for an s/pdf hat (to go with Kali :wink: )?
would be great if it could do 384kHz (and DSD-128 DoP) as that’s what my Chord 2Qute supports via s/pdf :slight_smile:

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thank you Rene :slight_smile:

i will reply in the other thread.
thanks Rene

Hi Andre,

Any news on discount from Allo?

Best regards,

try dietpi10

Thank you, Tony.


Pondering a DigiOne Player and also a USBridge, any current discount code?

DIETPI10 isn’t valid and ROON10 has expired.

Hi everyone,

I’m in the same position as Dan - thinking about a DigiOne, and have noticed the discount codes discussed previously seem to have expired.

I’d be very interested to hear if anyone knows of a current discount code!

Thanks, Cameron.

hi to all.
ROON10 will be active starting tomorrow Tuesday 15th


Ordered with discount code!

Thank you Andre.


yes, go ahead, the code is up and running.