Integrate Deezer streaming service

Is flow available to 3rd party applications? Some services limit some features to their own apps.

Ive been waiting to drop tidal like a bad habit and been wanting to give deezer money for some time now. …hopefully deezer comes to roon…amd yes ive been on the deezer forms


I think given that Deezer doesn’t even have gapless playback (one of their most requested features), we will be waiting a while for Roon integration.

Well, that’s unfortunate. Not a good sign when a company publicly announces that a core part of modern business practices has been suspended.

Msg in the screenshot is from about a month ago on this page

Hi and thanks for jumping in here. I have been waiting “years” for the Deezer integration as my entire family uses it. I am standing alone, and since I am Canada, I am completely dependent on Roon’s relationship with Tidal (No Quobuz here). This mono-relationship makes me quite uncomfortable, and effectively doubles my music costs. Can you discuss with the community what the longer term plans are for your content providers?

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