iPad can see the Core - "Choose Your Roon Core" and "Looking for Roon Core"

Do you have a spare laptop or computer around somewhere that you can temporarily install a new core on?
Then at least you can listen to consolation songs until the Nucleus thing has cleared up.

Thanks for the suggestion but unfortunately I don’t have such a spare that I could hook up to my audio system.

After another week has passed I’d like to ask again if anything has come out of this… Alan, has your problem been solved, are you back in business with your Nucleus? Do you now know what has been the problem with this?

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Thanks for asking Andreas, but no, nothing has come of anything. The Nucleus is still with the local audio shop who are supposedly communicating with Roon, for over a week now. It’s now been out of commission for what, 3 weeks?

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Roon support really seems reduced to a bare minimum… @Wes, anyone here to help out an unhappy Nucleus customer?

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Hi @Andreas_Philipp1 and @Alan_Wishnoff,

If I knew who had the device I might be able to lend a hand but I’d need the audio shop to get in touch with me. I am the one who handles our dealer support inquiries and I don’t see any inquiries regarding your name or email address.

I only have two theories:

  1. Another device is using the IP address and preventing communication with the unit.

  2. The board on the unit (despite showing an IP) and (more specifically the NIC on the board) have failed.

Please do have your dealer reach out to Roon through official channels and request I take a look.


Wes, I am told they have already been in contact with Roon, and apparently with you (when I mentioned your name). They are called Speaker Shop. They say they have tried to fix it remotely to no avail and are going to arrange to send it to you. Thanks.


Really none of my business, but fixing a Nucleus that is out of warrant is going to cost. Someone sent in a Nucleus to fix a bad Ethernet port and the charge was $600.

There are cheaper and just as effective alternatives to a Nucleus.

What does ‘fix it remotely’ even mean?

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Please keep in mind, it’s possible there’s no mention of Alan but a general reference to a Nucleus repair. I don’t want to get these guys in any trouble with our friend, @Alan_Wishnoff so let’s avoid speculation. :slight_smile: :smiling_face: :sunglasses:

In digging, there is something that says Attn: Wes but doesn’t mention Alan. Doing my sleuthing, I find the dealer in proximity to Alan. I am awaiting a response from them at this time.



Post edited accordingly.

Not that I am at that point yet, but what alternatives would you suggest for a nucleus?

What do you have in the house? Any Windows or MacOS computer could serve as a (interims) Roon Core. If you feed your audio devices by network this core could be anywhere in the house.

Intel NUC with ROCK OS. Roon-centric and completely hassle free.

Install ROCK and never think about it again.

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