iPad controller mount

I’m pondering making a ‘stand’ (for want of a better description) for iPad (probably the mini). I’m taken by the style and approach of the Nativ Vita but the approach to use that as the player doesn’t make sense once the family have learnt the Roon interface (and the RAAT support looks like it’s slow in coming.

The challenges are powering the iPad and hiding the cables - especially when the iPad must be in landscape fomat…

My thinking is to cnc mill one or two pieces that can hold the ipad and conceal the cables within - and hidden - in the frame.

Before I head off, does anyone know of such a frame, or a source for cad drawings for an embedded ipad?

Thoughts, traps, suggestions?

Google “iPad Music Stand” and “iPad Point of Sale”.
Could you not just plug it in at night instead of keeping it constantly wired? Or are you using it as an endpoint?

Google “iPad stand wood”. This one comes close. :slight_smile:


Google has been exhausted … Most POS assume that the item will be stolen and are built to reflect that.

The music stands are ok, but only ok. This will be the front end of a smart looking hifi with good amps and Tekton Double Impact speakers, (and the theme is Nerd House) so I want simple, elegant, “want to play” elements.


@seagull Yup Wim, those are about as close as I’ve got. But I really want to solve the cable management as well. I like the idea of that slanted approach, but with the iPad embedded as it were.



Or just DIY:

Wim, I looked at the instructables (my first port of call, we have a nice big CNC mill :-)) but unless I’m mistaken (never been known, according to Jody) Roon only works in landscape mode? That’s what makes the cable management a challenge.


I don’t know if this one gives you any ideas? Still no good for concealed power cables in Landscape mode. They are a beautiful stand though.

iPads have three little contacts on the side for power. You won’t get data for the camera connection kit, but it’ll give you power in landscape.

Logitech has a stand that uses it: https://www.logitech.com/en-us/product/base-ipad-pro-stand

Or you could get a big iPad Pro and use it portrait.

Is this stand from Yohann any good?

I have dedicated iPads for control of the stereo and those don’t have any email or messaging enabled nor do they have a lot of apps installed. Depending on how much I’m using the system I have to plug them in maybe once a week. Sometimes quite a bit less. You’d be amazed at how much battery the background email management takes!

I’ve been using the following cases for years and although they don’t appear to make one for the mini any more they did for quite some time so you may still be able to find one. Makes the iPad easy to grip one-handed (you can put your fingers through the little elastic strap on the back) and provides reasonable protection in case of drops. Highly recommended.

Thanks all. @danny that looks like the closest option, though I would prefer to use iPad minis. Love the Yohan styling but still have the power management issue. The side contacts is a great thought though :slight_smile:

Will roon ever support portrait @danny?

I own a YOHANN for my iPad Pro 10,5. I really like it, especially for its flexibility. It’s good on hard surfaces and also in the bed. Well, It’s not so good on slippery surfaces, as it will slip around when tapping to hard on the iPad or trying to push the home button. I’ve fixed this with 4 transparent rubber spots.

I thought you had one?!

I do, I was asking if it was any good for the OP.

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My apologies Ratbert, I’d thought you’d forgotten :grin:

You gave me the lust for this stand, it on the “Itsallaboutme” list.

Try this product:


Heckler design has several designs that look interesting.

Following is a link to a reasonably priced generic solution ($35 USD). Comes in several color options and can use in portrait and landscape.

They also have more expensive enclosed iPad stands, but they are for the newer models of iPads.

Thanks. They don’t charge in landscape as far as I can see


That is the closest I’ve seen yet to what I imagined. But wow, those prices, $650 for a case and desk mount.