iPhone app constantly crashing (again)

Core Machine
Intel NUC i3 Gen 8 / 16GB RAM / Ubuntu 20.04
Connected to router by ethernet
OS and Roon database on SSD
Music files on USB3 drive
Tidal and Qobuz both connected
Version 1.7, Build 795

Network Details
Asus RT-AX56U router

Audio Devices
RPi 3 with Hifiberry Digi2 connected to router by ethernet running RoonBridge and ShairPort
RPi 4 connected by wifi running RoonBridge, out put to iFi iDSD micro via USB
Two Dynaudio AirPlay speakers

iPhone Xs / iOS 14.5.1

Library Size
60K tracks

Description of Issue
iPhone app is crashing every few minutes. Can’t find any particular action that triggers a crash; it crashes even when I’m not interacting with the app.
This has happened before: iPhone app crashing constantly
Since I posted the previous topic it has been relatively stable, started crashing again yesterday.
I’ve tried uninstalling and re-installing, and restarting the phone.
I also have the app running on an iPad Air 3 on the same network, doesn’t appear to be affected, only the iPhone

Hello @matt,

Thank you for doing everything that you have already. It is very likely that your iPhone is affected by the bug we are aware of and that we’re closely investigating here:

Would you mind filling out the form linked above to help us in our efforts to resolve this?

Thanks in advance :pray:

P.S. I am closing this thread, as all updates about this will be made on the linked thread :nerd_face:

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