Is Bricasti M12 Roon Ready or not?


Try to find M12 as network device in roon (settings-audio), but nothing. I use intel NUC/roon rock.
Can I use M12 as roon endpoint such dCS bridge.

DLNA works fine for M12.
Firmware 1.06


According to their own guide that’s all you should do

Yes! I did the same, but little confused that headline mentions only windows/mac. It is roon server but not roon rock on NUC. But can this be a problem? In all cases it’s roon with same settings.

Windows is mentioned because of USB DSD driver I believe. As you say roon is roon it shouldn’t make any difference.
How old is the device?

NUC 7i5BNH Gen7 with latest roon update
I took M12 for test, it’s not my.
My dCS network bridge works fine with roon…
Using mconnect app on iPad M12 works fine through DLNA, that means it’s online and available in my network, I think

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Bricasti M12 is not supported by Roon. Look here.

But if you go to the documentation for it there are roon instructions and @Bones13 has it as an endpoint.

The M12 is on the Roon Ready list, and Roon correctly puts its picture on my screen. Bricasti site is not updated too often.


This is Roon web site :wink: .

Maybe @support can clarify for us about my question?

Hello @arzojaan,

I have reached out to Bricasti for assistance on this issue. The Bricasti M12 is Roon Ready certified, I am not sure why your unit is not appearing as an endpoint. Is the email address registered with your Roon account the best contact email for you? If not, please send me a PM with your best contact email address.


Hi John, yes, you can use this email

Hello @arzojaan,

Bricasti support has informed us your firmware will need to be upgraded from 1.06 to a newer version with Roon Ready support.

They recommended you contact their service department using the email link on this page


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