Is it possible to stream chromecast from Roon ARC?

If not, this would be a great future option. I want to listen my Roon library through a chromecast built-in Harman Kardon speakers when I am in the country house. My Roon system is located in a city flat.


Any information?

It would also be useful to me. This functionality is in the Qobuz app.
It would also be great if my remotely located Roon endpoint could access the server or if Roon ARC could redirect the audio to a local Roon endpoint.

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AFAIK Roon has supported chromecast for a while now.

I’m talking about a new Roon ARC and streaming chromecast from it. There is no problem with the classic Roon.

Ah sorry did not see that. ARC uses your phone audio output and you can Bluetooth to other devices or airplay to suitable devices using your phones audio options with an iPhone. Chromecast works a bit different so I’m not sure if will work with ARC. Hopefully someone else here knows one way or the other and will chime in.

I know. But bluetooth and high-quality sound are poorly compatible. Bluetooth has a limited range and in general it is very inconvenient. My question was specifically about the chromecast, and not about how to do without it. :slight_smile:

I was not suggesting that you use alternatives but that since these other ways work using your phone functions there may be some way that Chromecast can work using the phone functions.

Does something like this work?

Cast your Android screen from the Google Home app - Chromecast Help

I know very well how chromecast works and I use it without problems in Tidal and Qobuz apps. But in the Roon ARC application this option is not available. That’s why I asked this question.

I just rummaged around in ARC expecting to see a cast option somewhere, unfortunately no joy. I would also like to see this appear if it is possible.

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Roon ARC does not currently support Chromecast. I suggest you add your vote to this Feature Suggestion:

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