Chromecast integration into Roon ARC

Most hotels and offices nowadays have Chromecast installed to make the AV system accessible to visitors.
It would be great to have native Chromecast integration in the Roon ARC App.

+1. What a huge improvement by Roon, to let us take Roon out into the world with us. Now that they’ve given us this gift, the best way I’d like to take full advantage of it, when I’m at a friend’s house, would be to allow me to “cast” Roon ARC to his HiFi system using whatever protocol(s) his setup makes use of.

Chromecast is admittedly the one that will probably be the most useful for me, but I’d love this to work with as many different “casting” protocols as possible (Denon HEOS, Sonos, Bluesound, etc… all the other ones I didn’t mention. Support all of them).


By the way, adding this feature would have a significant marketing advantage as the Roon experience would be brought to potential new customers by us users :wink: