Chromecast integration into Roon ARC

Most hotels and offices nowadays have Chromecast installed to make the AV system accessible to visitors.
It would be great to have native Chromecast integration in the Roon ARC App.

+1. What a huge improvement by Roon, to let us take Roon out into the world with us. Now that they’ve given us this gift, the best way I’d like to take full advantage of it, when I’m at a friend’s house, would be to allow me to “cast” Roon ARC to his HiFi system using whatever protocol(s) his setup makes use of.

Chromecast is admittedly the one that will probably be the most useful for me, but I’d love this to work with as many different “casting” protocols as possible (Denon HEOS, Sonos, Bluesound, etc… all the other ones I didn’t mention. Support all of them).


By the way, adding this feature would have a significant marketing advantage as the Roon experience would be brought to potential new customers by us users :wink:


I managed to get it to produce sound through a nest pair using mirroring. Google home app, select the audio device, hit ‘cast my audio’, OK a couple of things. Start playing from ARC. It seems you need to adjust the volume through the home app for the audio device being used and there’s somehting along the way there saying that mirroring isn’t the best quality…but it does work for me. Useful workaround until there’s proper integration (fingers crossed)?

As far as I know, internal system resampling as well as other processing occurs with this way. This is not original sound quality, unlike the streaming option directly in the application. It does not transfer metadata also.

It would be great to see some comments from the dev team.


To be honest Room Arc without any chromecast or other streaming possibilities is completely useless. What was the idea behind this? The requirements gathering went completely wrong here!
Good i still have my Plex and Plexamp app.


+1. Having said this in other places on this forum already, I fully support this request.

Merry Christmas, everyone :grinning:

+1 for this feature indeed. It would allow me to convince my audiophile friends at their homes to switch to a high res solution like Roon with Qobuz (instead of Spotify).

I have no use case for Arc because much of my music library is in Tidal, my mobile contract won’t support any great amount of streaming and I don’t enjoy the quality compromises of bluetooth listening. But adding the ability to cast from Arc would give it a real purpose for me - I would no longer have the complications of sorting out a core for my vacation house and could show off Roon capabilities at friends’ places. So it would be a real multiplier for Arc benefits. As someone said above, I’d love to hear from the devs about the feasibility of implementing this.

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To add my take on this, I frequently move between home and another location; in that other location I cannot access my Roon collection except over crappy Bluetooth via ARC. It would be amazing to be able to Chromecast from ARC. I could theoretically get a second core for that other location but that would mean two databases, two copies of my music, etc., and that’s a headache.

I’d vote multiple times for this feature if I could!


This is a feature request, and not the only place in which it’s been mentioned. I’ll leave this link here if the mods want to merge:

At the moment I find myself on vacation, with my roon arc app working well for Bluetooth to my portable vacation speaker I packed… but the house we rented supports Google Cast, and while it’s a few big steps down from my rig(s) at home, it’s a nice upgrade over my crappy Bluetooth speaker… so I’m casting directly from Tidal and Qobuz to it, rather than using my (preferred) Roon service, because WiFi and less-portable speakers > Roon Arc and Bluetooth portable speakers … would be awesome for us if we could cast!!

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With an Android mobile this works for me with ARC by choosing the mobile’s Cast feature. Though I guess any calls and system sounds would be casted as well, so not ideal if true, but you can listen to music.

That‘s right. But there is no general Chromecast support built into iPhones. It should be easy to achieve though, every Multimedia App comes with built-in Chromecast support, be it from Plex, Spotify. Youtube, Netflx, Amazon Prime or any TV provider one can think of. The only exceptions are the AppleMusic App (of course) and ARC,

And with Chromecast, the stream is handed off the iPhone, way better than Bluetooth, in quality as well as in convenience.

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Ah. I thought said hotel AV systems would offer Airplay for Apple but don’t have an iPhone (yet). But sure, the more flexible the better.

Well, in my case it‘s not so much about hotels. I have Chromecast capable systems at relatives, holiday houses and in the office. So this would be THE feature for me. But yes, also matters in hotels :grinning:

I went by the first post with that comment. It seemed to me that for a long time every generic receiver I saw did Chromecast and Airplay, but I suppose there are at least Google Chromecasts that don’t. Like I said, more flexibility is always better.

My intent with my first comment was just to add the info that this works on Android built-in because nobody had said so, and I wasn’t sure if that was generally known. (Such as in “Roon ARC without any Chromecast is completely useless”, when “without any” is not really true)

Yeah, I understand. Thanks for adding correct information!

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