Is Roon slowly “dying”?

I do the same for big boxes where I can define how they are organized

I even have an alternative source for Tidal through my Cambridge Audio CXN

Roon’s case weakens , I am waiting to see if there is a box set solution in 1.7 when it comes

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:rofl: that’s funny :joy:

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I spilt my sides in anticipation :ghost:

Maybe the Roon Core is just stable, and it is. Yes I would like remote access, maybe, moving a portable SSD from one core to another is easy enough.
Oh and the remote on Android connection to core that has to be fixed because it sucks. It sucks on every Android phone I ever had, in two homes, two different network setups, it is just unreliable POS. Not a minor thing, but not enough for me to drop Roon. Unless there is some serious competition.

Just have some hope and patience, it will come.

Really? I have not had an issue with any android devices, and I’ve used Roon since 2015. Now, granted I only use Samsung Android devices, so, maybe that is a difference.

If you are still having issues, perhaps you should revisit your support thread?

Or, if you loose connection to the Core, choose to add the server IP address and use the following:

In my experience Android problems are network related. I used to have connection problems , delays, core not found etc but going to a mesh wireless network has removed any problems. My phones and Android DAPs (which are on crappy old Android) all connect quickly every time.


It seems Roon is not for you since their “philosophy” does not match how you want it to be. You really want JRiver with a better UI.


I do use JRiver. My frustration is that they each have issues that could be fixed, and won’t. In Roon’s case, it’s the UI. In JRiver’s case, it’s their refusal to support streaming services like Tidal and Qobuz, which are an increasingly important listening source. (I also like the fact that Roon lets you use HQPlayer for output, although I suspect that’s important to far fewer people than the UI or streaming.)

So basically, right now, I’m using Roon for streaming, and JRiver for playing my own library. Which of course is a fairly absurd arrangement!

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I am using both, too. Therefore my streaming device has to be both capable of roon ready and UPnP DLNA like Naim or dCS or Lindemann or …

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It doesn´t look like Roon is dying, It seens that some people are just too anxious.
People got used with instagram and Twitter with continous updates on everything.
Just chill and enjoy the music.


Perhaps add powerline adapters, especially combined with old electrical wiring. (I plead guilty, but my sins are in the past)

Devolo Magic 2 powerline adaptors work well for me over 30 year young wiring…

Lucky man. I am taking note :wink: (meanwhile I am getting, generally more mileage out of wifi).

I am yet to blame the cob walls, or the thatch roof. Or my cat :stuck_out_tongue:

Everything dies baby, that’s a fact, but maybe everything that dies someday comes back?


Network related problems are usually not affecting only one service on the network, the remote to core connection is unique in this aspect. And I am glad that it may work for some but that only means it may have network topology dependency that the dev team does not fully understand.

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We only die once, but we live all the other days…


I would rather run a CAT6 cable, but it would have to go through 3 walls and across/around 3 rooms, including across one wall of the living room, and whist technically trivial, the Boss considers aesthetically unacceptable, even in trunking…

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If you want to kill Roon keep posting threads about its early demise and you might just get your wish.


Actually room seems to have some unique requirements that mean that sometimes it is the only thing not working properly. Which is a real pain for quite a few users as it’s bloody hard to track down and diagnose, unfortunately.