Is there an Roon endpoint that supports multichannel?

Is there an endpoint - preferably under $500 - that can play multichannel FLAC 5.1 files?


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Edward, you may be coming at this from a DLNA/UPnP background. But, as I explained in another thread, the FLAC piece is irrelevant. Roon does not stream FLAC or any other codecs to endpoints. All audio is decoded and/or converted to PCM or DSD in the core before streaming to endpoints.

So, multichannel compatibility in the endpoint is your only concern here. If a networked endpoint with multichannel DAC is what you are seeking, you will not find anything – to my knowledge – under $3000. Merging NADAC, exaSound PlayPoint, etc. If a networked endpoint with multichannel HDMI or USB output is what you are seeking, you have more options, including in the $500 range. NUC, Mac mini, etc.


It is a real shame that the Oppo-UDP-203/205 cannot do this. It has everything it needs onboard and is not silly money. I do not know if there is a good technical reason why not or just lack of commitment from Oppo on making it happen?


With Meridian I use the Trifield setting which delivers 5 channels from any stereo signal. You need decent matched speakers properly set up to really get it but there is no turning back once you hear it.
The sound is very imersive and natural, the speakers just disappear.
It surprises me that no other manufacturer offers this, to my knowledge.

I appreciate it’s not full multi channel music from the file as in DVD A etc but most music isn’t available that way anyways.

Sounds like a candidate for a Roon DSP preset then! I think Trifield is similar to Ambisonic decoding, so may be open source and straightforward to add to Roon, priorities permitting…

The problem you have there is you would still need a multi channel endpoint. With Trifield you have a 2 Chanel endpoint feeding a surround processor (All Meridian Surround Processors support this) which applies the Trifield algorithm.
Sounds lovely.

Hi @WiWavelength. Thanks for your reply. I’m sorry, but some of this seems to be over my head. Maybe part of my problem is that I don’t really understand what a DAC is? Anyway, I have Roon Core running on a NAS in my office. I have a surround setup in my media Roon with a Denon receiver at the center. I want to use Roon to play multichannel music to this surround system. I have gigabit Ethernet connections both where the Roon Core NAS is located and at my home theater rack.

Are there any options besides a PC/NUC/MAC in the $500 or so range? I was hoping for something a bit more reliable than a Windows PC. Unless I am misunderstanding though, a Windows or Mac computer really is the only option though, right?

Maybe I’m misunderstanding what you are looking for but the OPPO-205 will play multichannel flac files.

You just cant use ROON. Use the DVD interface to find your files on the NAS drive and hit play.

Yes, I definitely want to use Roon! Awesome interface, robust metadata, Tidal integration, etc. Nothing else compares. :slightly_smiling_face:

You could use a raspberry pi connected by hdmi to an AV receiver.

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Yeah, I was hoping to avoid the DIY/PC approach, but it seems my only option. Thanks.

Fair enough. This from miniDSP should also work

I seem to recall reports of the Raspberry Pi HDMI output being limited to 16 bit 48 kHz and/or stereo. Have you confirmed an OS that supports HDMI multichannel output and, if necessary, high res audio?



That is just a USB DAC – the only thing special about it is that it is multichannel. But Edward requires an Ethernet connected endpoint, so USB does solve his issue.


Using the HDMI input to the Oppo 105 works.

Really? The 103 too?

Should work. I could not get it working from my Raspberry Pi, but I moved to my Linux based Roon Core and it works over HDMI.

How would OPPO HDMI input – emphasis on input – help Edward? He already has HDMI input on his Denon AVR. He needs a multichannel capable HDMI output on a networked Roon endpoint.


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I purchased a NAD T 777 v3 and hope to play 5.1 Roon music.
I will report once it is installed, hopefully some time in February.

Not exactly in my budget, but the idea of being built right into the receiver is very appealing. Hmmm… I wonder how much I could sell my Denon receiver for?? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Please keep me posted @seagull.