Is there any audiophile video (music video) player that supports the Chord Mojo 2 specifically as Roon does?

Otherwise I can’t use the Mojo 2 and Roon capabilities for my music videos :frowning:

Can you be more specific with what you’re trying to do here?

If I want to watch video and have audio on my Hugo 2 I connect an optical cable from my TV to the Hugo 2.
Same principle if watching on my laptop or other device but in that case I use a USB cable (or AirPlay)

The issue is that video players can’t normally give exclusive audio access to the Mojo 2.
There are some exceptions like JRiver Media Center that I am currently learning to use.
The goal is to be able to use the Mojo 2 with JRiver, or chained with Roon as well, if that’s even better.
Can I use the audio engine of Roon with Jriver, so that the whole sound part of my music videos played in JRiver would be played via Roon?
I use PotPlayer too, can PotPlayer make use of the Mojo2?
But nothing is better than Roon it seems, best would be to be able to play the sound of my videos via Roon.
I was looking for a video player or media center that supports both the Mojo 2 and Roon, specifically.
But the sound of my music videos is not even CD quality.

Having a hard time understanding exactly what you want to accomplish.
Roon will NOT play video, and does not accept input.
However, like suggested you could feed your Mojo 2 from your TV screens optical output.

Can you give an example?

  • I want to play YouTube music videos and use my Mojo 2 as audio decoder…
  • Sure, use your favorite casting/streamind¨g device, attach it to your TV using HDMI and set your TV to output 2 channel audio through optical digital, to the Mojo2

I already use JRiver, and I can use The Mojo 2 with it, even my convolution filters.
But it does not sound as good as Roon.
True that the audio of my music videos is much inferior quality than my music files.
So I am thinking to to play the Video via Jriver and the audio via Roon.
Is that possible, to route audio to Roon from video players like Jriver?

Maybe because of the convolution filters? Or that JRiver is a dinosaur that should succumb to the laws of evolution? :slight_smile:
(I’m a loyal JRiver licensee since 10 years or so, so use it occasionally)

Still, there is no (easy) way to make Roon accept “input”. There are methods like setting up a local internet radio station and tune Roon into it.

We all like what Roon does for our listening experience but it doesn’t sprinkle fairy dust all over the audio signal. (It can adapt the stream based on your prefs of course, using DSP etc)

I hooked up JRiver with the Chord Mojo 2, and I imported the same convolution filter that I use with Roon.
But it doesn’t sound as good as Roon.
True that, my music videos audio quality is by far not as good as my Hi-Res audio files in Roon.
But Roon doesn’t support video playback.
What I would like to achieve is to watch my music videos in JRiver, but the sound should go through Roon, so I get to process all sound with Roon, including using Chord Mojo 2 with it.
How do I do that?

@Adam_Alleman, please don’t open duplicate threads. Thanks.

This is in a different thread, am I not allowed to ask the same question in different threads?
People don’t follow all the threads, so here the JRiver folks can reply.

No, do not open multiple threads on the same topic.

I think I get the gist of what you’re trying to do here.
But I have no idea how to do it or if it’s even possible.
But I do wonder if there’s a Roon extension that might accomplish this?
I don’t use extensions or understand how they work and I haven’t actually read these links but am aware they exist. Posting in case you might find something useful

What did you like to to? can I help?
Best DrCWO

If Roon and JRiver sound different it’s something YOU are doing. Both are bit perfect and hence should/will sound identical.

I run both routinely and find them identical, with the the caveat the my ears are old :smiling_imp: