Issue backing up to Dropbox

I have the identical problem. Backups to all locations other than Dropbox work fine. Backups to Dropbox fail immediately and give a “Backup Failed at [Time]/ Error backing up database” error message. See attached screenshot.

Roon is authorized and created a RoonBackups folder in Dropbox, but backups (both scheduled and forced) always fail immediately and give the same error message.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated

Setup is as follows:
Mac Mini MacOS 10.15.5. (headless; Dropbox not installed locally)
Roon 1.7 build 571
Music stored on Synology NAS connected via ethernet
Full Disk Access granted to Roon on Mac

Hello @Jordan, and thanks for your report! Can you try backing up to your local drive and a removable USB and see if you have any issues? Also, have you verified that Dropbox has space available? Thanks!

Hi - I have done both of those. Backups to all locations other than Dropbox work perfectly. Starting a backup to Dropbox always immediately results in the error message in the screenshot from my earlier post. I have plenty of space on Dropbox, so that’s not the issue.

Hello @Jordan, and thanks for testing that. Could you please try to make a backup one more time and provide a timestamp (your local time) here when you do? I’d like to enable diagnostics for your account so we can take a look with the team. Thanks!

Hi - I just tried and it failed again. (10:34am EST) See timestamp on the screenshot below. Please let me know any next steps. Thanks.

Hello @Jordan, thanks for the timestamp! I’m going to enable diagnostics now so we can get the report over to the team. The report will upload next time your core is active.

Thank you. The core is active so you should have received the diagnostics. Please let me know what you find and any next steps.

I have the same Dropbox backup issues. I have unlimited DB storage through a business plan, so that is not the problem. Dropbox is on my new Mac Mini OS 10.15.5. I am trying to backup Roon database to one folder and have my ripped CDs in a different DB folder. Roon reads the ripped CDs just fine, and they are all synced to my hard disk. But Roon can’t make an automatic or “now” backup to DB. It works fine to my desktop.

Hi Nuwriy, is there any update on this yet?

I just had this issue. Disconnecting DropBox in Roon and then re-connecting seems to have fixed it.

Hello @Jordan,
Please accept our apologies for the delay here! I took a look at our internal tracker today, and I can see that your ticket is still in our review queue. A member of our QA team should be reviewing this soon and providing feedback.

I’ve requested an update from the team and upped the priority in our tracker so I should be able to get back to you soon with an update. Thanks in advance for your patience!

Hi Nuwriy, is there any update on this? Please advise. Thanks.

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Hello @Jordan, I’ve submitted a few reports of this so the QA team is taking a close look at them individually, we haven’t seen any connection yet. Are Roon backups the only thing you’re storing in Dropbox? We had another user who had some images in Dropbox that were causing issues.

Hi Nuwriy, I do have other things besides Roon backups stored in Dropbox.

Is there any update on this yet? It seems to be a fairly widespread problem.

Please advise. Thanks.

Hello @Jordan, thanks for checking that. I spoke to a member of the QA team in charge of this ticket and they’re making it a priority. I should have something for you soon!

Thanks. Look forward to hearing what they come up with!

Hello @Jordan, and thanks for your patience here! Our QA team found what could be a possible networking issue when you’re trying to back up to Dropbox. They’d like to compare the logs to another set so we can confirm the issue. Could you please make another attempt to back up to Dropbox and provide a timestamp here when you start and when you receive the error? I’d appreciate it!

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I have been in the same boat and have sent logs in the past. Should I send another set as well?