Issues with AiMesh System + Roon

I have the same problem with an AiMesh system I just installed. If I walk the phone out of the room it will continue to work even as a handoff happens to another WiFi node. At that point, if I leave the roon app on the phone and come back to it can’t find the core. Even after I walk back into the same room as the core and connect back to the same WiFi node, it can’t find it. Only comes back if I disconnect and reconnect the core WiFi.

Roon support tells me to make sure I’m on the same IP block, subnet, etc. It is. I’ve found no setting the corrects the problem, which makes sense as it looks like a single WiFi network in every way. Extremely frustrating as it leaves me making a choice between good WiFi coverage and roon.

Hi @Theodore_Pasquale,

Welcome to the forum! Does this behavior occur across multiple Roon remotes or just one in particular?
Do you by any chance have any IGMP Snooping or IGMP Proxying settings you can try toggling on the router?

The remote doesn’t matter, same behavior. I haven’t had time to dig into the issues with the AiMesh network settings and have no idea what they mean. I know the core is in the exact same place on the network with the same IP address. Why can’t Roon remember that as a first order item and just speak directly to it?

None of my other services that need to be on the same WiFi or network have an issue. This seems a Roon problem exclusively for me.

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Hi @Theodore_Pasquale,

Thanks for confirming the issue impacts multiple remotes.

AiMesh appears to be less stable than other routers, see my linked posts:

One thing you can try here is to factory reset the AiMesh and check the firmware for CPU usage, it helped one other user in the past:

@noris The release of Roon 1.8 fixed the Roon connection issue over AIMesh. I have been using Roon 1.8 for couple days, NOT a single disconnect on the same Android phone over AiMesh.

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