Itunes Playlist not showing in Roon

Hi @Marc_Gerrard,

Regarding iTunes:

This is the location of the XML file


In your watched folder, it doesn’t show and music files here


Your XML file should be located in the watched folder where your music is, like this


These new issues — Did they start when you moved to the new machine? Can you provide details on this Core?

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So good news the playlists showed up. It must have been moving the xml to a different folder. That is great. However, it seems Roon doesn’t support playlist folders, and sadly without that this is pretty useless for me. It is showing 674 playlists but they only work for me if they are in their folders. I wish I knew this at the beginning. Is that something you might implement in an update?

Glad to hear they’re showing up now, @Marc_Gerrard!

We don’t support Playlist Folders necessarily, but you can add playlists to Tags. That is one way you could organize them in a similar fashion to Playlist Folders.

For specific Playlist Folder support, I’d recommend adding your voice to this feature request.