KEF volume jumps to 100 on speaker when connected over ethernet [under investigation]

Since 1 week, every time I start ROON Remote on my Ipad, the volume on my KEF LS50 W is initially set to 100 %
So this resulted in some near-heart attacks lately because this have never been the case before and I do not automatically check the volume before I start my music…

Does someone recognize this?

I have not seen this issue with mine. Have you checked the settings for the device setup and DSP for the KEF in Roon? Try re-setting them all to default. Might also try a reset on the speakers and the KEF app.

Have you updated to speakers to the latest firmware?

@support any ideas?

Yes, I have updated the speakers to the latest firmware. It seems that’s also the moment this issue started to occur :thinking:

I will throw away the KEF LS50W audio zone in Roon and do a new configuration. Perhaps this will help…

What else are you doing with the speakers? Switching sources? Using other apps? Anything else?

If we can figure out the steps that lead to this, we can definitely take a deeper look.

Are you sure the ‘maximize on playback start’ (or something similar) setting is turned off in the Device Setup?

I don’t switch sources on the speakers; I only use a wired Ethernet connection on my speakers. I have my left and right speaker switched (so main speaker is Left instead of Right).

My kids use the ‘Spotify’ app to stream to the speakers, I use ROON from IOS (Ipad) with both music on my NAS and TIDAL.

ROON sever is Sonic Transporter (Linux based, Sonic Orbiter OS, latest version).

Hi Jan-Jaap,

I don’t thinks so. At least, I am not aware. I have been using this configuration for months now, never had this issue. But I will check it later today just to be sure and let you know. Thnx for the hint !


I’m just guessing, but wondering if the distinction between what I’m seeing and what you’re seeing is this:

It would be interesting to know if this happens every time, even without Spotify involved.

The audio configuration for the kef ls50 wireless doesn’t have an option switch to maximize audio on startup. See screenshots:

Hi Mike. I’m sorry, I can reproduce the issue and it is not related to the spotify app :wink:. First I stop playing music in the Roon app by hitting the stop Icon, then I close the Roon app on my Ipad (click menu button Ipad), then I switch off the Kef LS50 W. Then I close the open Roon App on my Ipad (double click menu button on Ipad and remove it from recent/open applications). Then I switch the KEF back on. When I start the Roon App now on my Ipad, volume is set to 100% again.

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Please let me know if you can reproduce it based on the description I posted. I can send you a video if needed.


Guessing you mean Pause, right? We only have stop in Roon when you’re playing internet radio.


I can’t reproduce :frowning:

Can you confirm the version numbers involved? Roon Core, iPad, and Kef firmware?

Ok, herewith the info you asked. By the way, I tested with the Roon app on my Iphone and exactly the same issue.




Someone who claims he has the same issue:

I’ve got the same issue.
Upon switching ON KEFs I got 100% volume. It doesn’t play at 100% though (I accidentally pressed PLAY - danger!) I “touched” it with a cursor and then it was TRULY 100%.
Roon 1.3 274 and KEF firmware 2.3/2.4 on both the same problem.

I tested it on my phone (android) and Macbook Pro - same problem.

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@Eric is going to generate some diagnostics from both of you so we can take a look – maybe we can figure out what you guys are doing differently.

@Adam_Dabrowski @R_Lacroix – can you guys let Eric know timestamps for when this last happened (or reproduce one more time and let him know) – that will ensure we’re looking at the right part of the logs.

Also, @Adam_Dabrowski – can you give me some detailed steps for how you get into this state?

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@Eric - I just reproduced it. 22:04 (UK time)

@mike - I just found out! it’s my ethernet cable. I bought it today.
When it’s plugged in - Roon goes to 100% volume when I power up LS50s.
Unplugged ethernet (WiFi ON) - volume stays normal.

Thanks @Adam_Dabrowski! Very appreciated!


@Eric I will reproduce the issue in 5 minutes ftom now

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Sounds good, I will be on the look out for your timestamp @R_Lacroix!