Lenovo Yoga Stuck in portrait

I’ve been using roon on a Lenovo tablet for some time. But it is currently stuck in portrait and won’t switch to landscape. All the other apps are fine any idea’s?

Actually, that last suggestion is probably wrong, so I deleted it. It’s more likely that Roon thinks the tablet is a phone.

Anyway, which model and size do you have?

Cheers, Greg

@Geoffrey_Binder – which UI do you see? phone or tablet?

Thanks Greg, Danny, yes, that seems to be it - the UI is much simpler - Roon thinks it’s on a phone even though its been working fine for months ‘knowing’ it’s on a tablet.

I’m using a Lenovo YT3-X50F (it has a 10" screen) with Android 5.1.1

How do I get it to go back to ‘thinking’ its on a tablet?

Cheers, Geoff

Months of counselling, many prescription drugs and prayer. :wink:


Ah, the holy trinity!

Let’s get @danny back.

Cheers, Greg

The DPI settings on that tablet are clearly made so that Roon thinks it is a phone sized device. Lame.

Is there a way to tweak those settings on that device? Normally they don’t exist, but because your device is already doing bad with DPI settings, I would hope there would be a setting.

If there’s any ‘lameness’ its with Roon - it’s been working fine until the recent update. As you surmised, there doesn’t seem to be a way to adjust the DPI - the tablet spec is 1280X800. Is there a solution?

CyanogenMod and a few other ROM’s allow you to change the DPI Setting

Thanks Ronnie, but let’s assume that the tablet is operating as specified (1280X800) then how is changing the resolution going to help? (Or can a different ROM extract more DPI from the screen?)

Cheers, Geoff

Simplifying here, but in the main, Developers decide to present the Tablet or Phone version of their App based on the DPI setting that it detects

Different manufacturers will decide on different DPI’s in their ROM’s…even if the Res [e.g. 1280 by 800] is the same

Cyanogen and a few others allow the user to manipulate this setting upwards or downwards slightly to achieve a desired effect…almost always to “trick” an App into displaying its Tablet or Phone version

Did you perform an OTA update on your Tablet recently…i.e. accepted a firmware update??

I think so (Can’t be sure as I’m in the habit of clicking ‘yes’ whenever prompted to do an upgrade)

I’ve had a look at Cynogen and the Lenovo is not listed.

Can I reverse the update?

That would be something to take up with Lenovo…but I doubt that there will be an “official” way to reverse it

FWIW, I doubt that Roon have changed the DPI Setting that dictates whether they display the Phone or Tablet version, in their most recent update

Whereas Tablet Manufacturers are constantly changing the DPI settings in their ROM’s based upon complaints about Text Size and Clarity from users etc.

The other thing that they can arbitrarily change is the vertical size of the Status bar at the top and Menu buttons on the bottom of the screen…which could be an issue when 800 horizontal lines is so close to Roon’s requirement of 700-plus

@danny or @mike can comment further here

I wish I could get my iPad Air stuck in portrait. :+1:t2::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

bet you’d like it to run for 13 hours straight too! :wink:

It may be more than pixels that come into play. I have a Sony Z3 compact tablet that exhibits the same behavior. This with a 1920x1200 screen. The funny thing it starts in tablet mode from time to time.

There is a thread about it in the Android section where other users have confirmed this on other models to.

but a few other things come into consideration here…

  • does the device report itself as a tablet or phone
  • does the DPI setting change the display so that even though it has real 1280x800, does the virtual resolution based on the OS scaling show something different?
  • do you have soft nav buttons on the bottom/right or a status bar that is bigger, and thus taking up too much fixed space and not giving it to Roon?

the thing that changed is that we always had tablet mode before, and now you are seeing phone mode, since we added that support.

logs should show us what’s going on… @vova, can you collect logs from @Geoffrey_Binder ?

Hi Danny, yes, Roon reports via settings/audio that it’s a phone

I am unable to change the DPI settings

No, my tablet’s soft nav buttons are normal

Yes, since I started using Roon it has worked in table mode and only recently changed to phone

How do I extract the logs you want? (I have also reinstalled Roon to try and fix the problem, I hope that the relevant logs are still available…)

Cheers, Geoff

Hey @Geoffrey_Binder,

I’ve contacted you via PM and provided with the necessary instructions.

Cheers, Vova