LG V30 Andoid app - Clicks and gaps

Genuine question… I know support said the LG V30 problems are because of Android framework changing from older models but how come one man bands like UAPP and Neutron player can implement this so quickly and Roon can’t?

Again, a genuine question, not criticism

Changing a standalone app that does one thing is a different prospect to changing something that links into a whole framework of interconnected pieces.
Also, in the scheme of things, there may not be that many users. When you are doing anything in software development you start with the big bang for buck improvements and work your way down…


Hello everybody.

Same problem here with LG V30+ (clicks and gaps).


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it’s becoming really frustrating…


Is there any update on this issue, because this is a general Roon-Android issue and has been existing for a long time now


Yes, we are doing a complete overhaul of Android audio playback right now, following the Android infrastructure changes we made in our last release

We also have one of these LG phones in house, so we should be able to test the changes against these phones once that work is complete.

I don’t have an exact timeline for when these changes will be finished, and tested, and released, but we are actively working to improve playback on Android now, so expect some real improvements in this area in the future.


But this issue does not only occur on LG phones. I have it on a Oneplus X and a Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e, with and without using a Hidizs Sonata HD dac/amp connected in the USB-C.

That’s why they are “we are doing a complete overhaul of Android audio playback right now” but this thread started with the LG, hence the specific reference.

This issue occurs for me on the Pixel XL 2. Tried disabling battery optimisations, no luck there.

Just to emphasize to Roon that this issue is widespread, I am having the exact same problem on my V30. Not only with the clicks and pops, but a general lower resolution sounding and less detailed playback. The same streaming tracks on the Tidal app play beautifully with no issues. Idagio and Google Play Music are also perfect.

The LG quad-DAC series are gorgeous sounding network streamers and now that the V30-35 are available for $300 or less and can be used as Roon endpoints, you have a DAC-Streamer-Controller solution that is unbeatable in functionality and value, and compares well in sound quality with high-end devices.

But first Roon has to fix the playback issues …


I have the same issue with my LG V30. Hopefully this will get resolved at some point

Any news on these changes?

I’ve just got a V20 which roon doesn’t seem to see properly as an end point.
Fixing this issue will save me having to get an endpoint for my bedroom.


Thanks Robert for neatly summing up the cracking value proposition of the LG phones as streaming dacs. And the full MQA unfold takes it up even further. No doubt it’s a snarky problem for Roon to sort through in its ecosystem but hey, this could net them a lot of new Roon subscribers seeing the prices of the LGs even falling below $200 now.

Yep, I picked up my V20 for £80 refurbished off of Aliexpress. The only two issues I have are Roon not playing properly and the phone often defaulting to thinking I’m in Canada.

Same issue here with an LG V30 purchased solely for use as a Roon endpoint. The sound in between the bumps and dips is excellent, so I’d really like to see this get resolved. Like an updated (and lower priced) Squeezebox Touch. Can’t beat that for value.

Let’s grow that user base, Roon! Chop chop! (Can you even say that now?)

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John Darko brillint explanation of the lg v30 using Roon

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Darko touches on this issue in a more recent video re the V40 here:

His V30 was an int’l version - not updatable and stuck on Android version 7.1.2. Also, his V40 (version 9) does not present the issue.

I checked my version (7), updated to v8, restarted, and took to a different Roon rig to try out. No noise there. Will try tonight on the original system. I’m betting the update has taken of it.

All good at the original location where I was hearing the noise. Great sound with no problems after updating Android OS.

Hey Roon,
It’s a been a whole year now since I reported this problem.
My LG G7 (Android 9) AND my brand new Ibasso DX160 (Android 8.1) are useless with Roon…
An update about the fix would be greatly appreciated before my annual subscription renewal.

Also checking in as I’m looking for a dedicated Headphone station with Roon endpoint and there seems to be no single box solutions out there (maybe a couple megabucks ones) and the LG V30 seems like a great solution except for the Android problem.