Live help - Roon doesn’t show cd ripped and saved on QNAP [Resolved, unsupported format]


I subscribed to Roon and have it on QNAP. I need help in setting up storage that Roon can automatically pinpoint when adding a music file
I am not sure how does that work and the information on the how to is not helping me so much here
is there a way to have someone on the phone to guide me.

Roon is on a SSD on QNAP and connected a Lumin D2

Thank you

Rene Elhadad
[phone number removed by moderator]

Are you willing to call? Or is FaceTime a possibility? I am assuming you are in the Toronto area? I would delete your phone number unless you want unwelcome calls from ‘others’.
I am in the U.K. so a phone call would be too costly.

@Rene_Elhadad I would remove your number for now and pm it to someone who is able to help once you have established that connection.

@wizardofoz I am available now if you or someone is for a call or FaceTime


I can call you if you are comfortable with this option

Let me know how to connect with you then

I sent you a message, tomorrow morning onwards would be best, not this evening (UK time)

Thank you for your reply…let me know on my email how to connect with you and at what time

send me your email

Adding @support as requested.

@ Support and Ratbrat

the cd ripped is showing on the Music folder in the QNAP TS 453-A, Roon did not picked up
there is no skipped files either
gave a second try ripping anew the CD following regular proceduer and still Roon is not picking it up

How this issue can be resolved?

Thank you

@Rene_Elhadad ---- I saw the two posts you made raising this issue in the “support” section of the community site. In the interest of having all of your information in single a thread, I have closed out the other two and brought “this” thread over to “support” so this behavior can be addressed with you directly.

As per my conversation with @Ratbert, have you been able to verify that the same content that is not importing into Roon is able to be imported into another application without issue?

Additionally, If I am understanding your setup correctly based on your previous post, you have your Roon core running on the QNAP TS 453A which is also hosting your music collection, yes? The reason for my asking is because the QNAP TS 453A is making use an Intel celeron processor which has the potential to cause some performance issues with Roon as noted here in our knowledge base.

Now, I want to be up front that I do not believe this to be the cause the issue you are experiencing but it is something to take into consideration when using Roon moving forward.



Correct! I am using the QNAP Mentioned to host Roon Core and my collection

One content I have uploaded is detected by Roon while the new one is not

The files can be imported and read with another application

Is there anyway to have a call/Session givjngbyou control so you can see by yourself?

Thank you


Hi @Rene_Elhadad — Are you able to provide me with a copy of the album that you are experiencing this issue with for testing/analysis?

The best way to get the media over to me would be to:

  1. Compress the media thus creating a “.zip” file (instructions below)

  1. Then share them with me via a “shared dropbox link”.

If you are not a dropbox user, please let me know and I can provide an alternative upload method.


Hi Eric

The desktop support folks at work mentioned files on that album were ripped in ogaflac format, format not supported by Roon and tried other FLAC formats, seems that is the problem
What would be the best software to rip CD in FLAC format on both platforms Windows and Mac?
Now another issue appeared as well some tidal playlists show empty while logging on tidal it shows all content
I have read others with similar issues, not sure how to restaure content view vs empty

I have erased the files, will try to recover and send them other to you

Thank you very much


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Thank you for touching base with me @Rene_Elhadad, the update is very appreciated! I am very pleased to hear that you were able to sort this out :+1: :clap:

In regard to your question about “what would be the best software” for CD ripping, I think this really depends on what a users needs are. For example, in my personal use of Roon all of my content is file based, so CD ripping isn’t something that I need to perform when adding content to my library. However, I know there are plenty of Roon users who do make use of a variety of softwares to perform this task which have been discussed in a few different threads on the community site.

I would recommend searching the community site to see what other Roon users who are actively ripping CDs are currently using. I did a quick search myself and came across the following threads:

CD ripping software questions-reposted

Ripping CDs - Recommended iTunes

  • Note the second thread mentions “iTunes” but if you read through other have shared their experiences with iTiunes and what they are currently using to rip CDs.

Furthermore, I noticed you mentioned another potential issue, this time regarding TIDAL. If you are unsure of how something should be functioning, I recommend opening a thread in “Roon Software”. If something doesn’t seem to be functioning correctly then I would open another thread in "support’.


Thank you Eric for your reply and definitely will reach out if more issues come up

Best regards

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