Lumin P1 released....Oh boy

The Oppo quote describes a HDMI output port.

The P1 has HDMI input ports for connection to a TV output (simply speaking).


The P1 looks incredible, and I might actually go ahead and make myself an early Christmas gift and order one. The only feature I am missing on it is an integrated headphone amp. So question now is how to best connect an external headphone amp to the P1. @wklie Can the XLR and RCA outputs be connected in parallel with no issues? XLR would go to a pair of active speakers, RCA would go to a separate headphone amp. Any other option that might be preferable in terms of sound quality of the headphone amp? Thanks!

While not ideal itโ€™s also probably going to work just fine.

It will degrade SQ for Lumin X1 / P1 / S1 / A1 / T1 with Lundahl output transformers, but no problem for T2 / D2 / D1 (unless you create a ground loop).

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For functionality, the P1 seems to be the closest Iโ€™ve seen to what I want w.r.t. family-friendly integration of TV and 2-channel HiFi. For SQ, I wonder how the P1 stacks up against the X1 (or even against less expensive offerings from Exasound and others).

Linnโ€™s DSM players have had HDMi 2.0 ARC/CEC connection since 2016. Otherwise very similar connections than P1, no fiber network connection though. Still, P1 seems like an interesting unit. Their volume control implementation would be nice to try out.


Lumin P1 review by

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I read the review and I would be grateful if you would clarify the specification of the USB input.

The review states DSD 128 DOP, the Lumin website states DSD 512 maximum.


Network input: DSD512 / PCM 384kHz
USB audio input: DSD256 DoP, or DSD512 only from Linux / PCM 384kHz
SPDIF input: DSD64 DoP / PCM 192kHz

Srajan Ebaen at 6 Moons has completed his review (link here) of the P1. He was astonished that Leedh processing obviated the need for an external pre-amp. And believe me, he has experience with a number of top-end pre-amps. Srajan completed the review by stating, โ€œNow P1 is shorthand for Perfect One.โ€


I am very interested in the P1 and just found this thread. As a headphone and speaker user, if using both the RCA and XLR outputs (not simultaneously) of the P1 or X1 for that matter will degrade the SQ, then how would you suggest connecting both a stereo and headphone amp?

Use a passive XLR splitter?

You would best be served with a physical a/b switch and only loading one output

Hi wizardofoz,
Could you please post a link showing the type of physical switch?

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I agree that the ability to switch load one output at a time is important rather just splitting the XLR.

Been there, done that, had problems with the Emotiva style splitter.


I ordered the Nobsound (Douck Audio) to try with my current DAC and amps.

Any thoughts on how the P1โ€™s DAC implementation compares to the X1โ€™s?

Has anyone seen a direct comparison of the P1 and X1?

An early impression of P1 by a reviewer, who is familiar with the X1, is that โ€œthe P1 is not far behind the X1โ€.

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Another early impression of P1 by another reviewer: