Macbook Pro high GPU usage

Hi guys!

I have a Macbook Pro 15" 2015 with only a Intel GPU and I have the same problem. If I leave Roon opened, my GPU reaches almost 100 ºC in a few minutes. However, if I minimize or close the Roon window the behavior is normal.

If you need more information, let me know!

Hello @Alejandro_Castilla_Q,

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We are currently investigating this behavior internally and one thing that might help us better understand the issue is to install the Intel Power Gadget and share some screenshots of the GFX Frequency line when this issue is occurring. The screenshot would look like this:

If you have noticed the same behavior, I kindly request that you run this tool for both discrete and dynamic mode. Thanks!

Hi @noris !

I can’t switch between discrete and dynamic mode because this model only has one GPU: Intel GPU. In any case, you can find my screenshots below:

  1. I just opened Roon and waited a few minutes to see what happens. All seems to be normal.

  1. Then I started to play a song, waited 2 minutes or so to see the temperature evolution, and I switched to another desktop where I had other windows and waited another few minutes. I think the temperature started to raise to dangerous levels when I left Roon in another desktop opened. You can see the evolution in the temperature graph.

  1. Finally, I switched back to the Roon desktop and I noticed that the temperature started to go down.

Hope this helps with your investigation!