macOS, ipadOS, iOS Icon Change Support

I believe in all of Apple’s OS’, the ability for the user to ‘select’ the app icon and therefore change it is possible (for example, the Reddit app Apollo on iOS allows changing the icon). I am not saying the new icon is bad (esp cannot have much of an opinion since I am a newcomer), however, I think the old icon had a lot of character and made it easily recognizable. It also didn’t have a white background. If the old icon can be brought back, with different colors, that would be cool! Just a thought! :slight_smile:


If you have a copy of the old roon app you can copy and paste the old icon into the new app I did this to differentiate the roon server app from the roon app

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@mario_lopez Somebody did some work over here. Does this help?


The new icon is not visible in the Windows system tray.

Only for MacOS. To do this on iOS one needs a developer account.

Thank you that’s appreciated. Like Larry mentioned, changing icons manually is only offered on macOS. Hopefully, Roon can implement that (but more than likely it’ll not make any sort of list). The new icon looks modern, but to me, the old icon was still sleek looking, unique, and had character. Not really an issue, just something that would be a ‘nice to have’.

You can change the icon in iOS 14!


Thank you!! I had forgotten that. And iOS 14 made it even better without having to launch Shortcuts in between. I may do that in the meantime.

Personally, I think it could be a great fun opportunity for Roon to have like ten or twenty color variations of the old and new icon and allow someone to pick their favorite. Since music is personal, so can the music software (and its icon). :sweat_smile:

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Awesome, thanks. I didn’t know Shortcuts had this ability. Now we just need the to fix the bright white page that appears when the app resumes from sleep. Blinding!


Please make your voice heard in that bug thread, in case you have not already done so. Indeed very annoying.

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Done. Yeah, the QC at Roon Labs is rather lacking in my experience or it comes down to few/none of the devs use dark mode so it’s not an issue of priority to resolve. This 100% white flash certainly is the antithesis of ‘dark mode’!

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Can you elaborate on the problem or did you figure it out? I can try to help out if it hasn’t worked for you.

I think they mean the new ‘white’ icon Roon introduced. I can imagine a small white icon with tiny lettering being hard to see.

I’ve seen your icons, I have to choose to replace.