Moon 390 Roon Ready Preamp Unable to Control Volume

Hi , I also have a Moon 390 , since last update I have the same problem and cannot adjust the volume of the 390 in Roon .
Not sure if problem could come from the 390 update or Roon update. Each got update at about same time.

Any inputs welcome.

Dear all
I now have the same issue with a moon 390: roon can’t control volume of the 390, even though I set it for device control in the device set up in roon. I still get a message that the volume is set to fixed when I try and adjust volume through roon.

Hi @Jean_Bourassa and @Mark_Labow,

Your posts have been moved to the support section of the forum.

In order for Roon’s @support team to better assist you, please provide a brief description of your current setup using this link as a guide.

Make sure to describe your network configuration/topology, including any networking hardware currently in use, so they can have a clear understanding of how your devices are communicating.

Can you post screenshots of your Settings > Audio tabs that include the 390? Also, a screenshot of your Device Setup of the 390.

FYI, I have the Moon 390 and do not have this issue. Hopefully Support can help you out.

Cheers, Greg

I am also experiencing the same volume control issue with my Moon Ace after an update. My Moon Ace is connected to the network with an Ethernet cable. My Nucleus is running on dedicated hardware and it is connected to the network with an Ethernet cable. My NAS is also connected to the network by Ethernet cable.

Hey @Jean_Bourassa (welcome to the Roon community!), @Mark_Labow and @Joseph_Hofstadter. Sorry to hear you’re all experiencing a similar issue.

Could you please make sure your Moon is on the latest firmware? Also, have you tried rebooting your Core and restarting the Moon?

Thanks in advance :pray:

PS: Thanks @Greg for getting this post to our attention and your input.

I got this fixed on another thread, but my Moon is on the latest firmware and rebooting the Roon Core and restarting the Moon fixed it. Thx Rebeka!

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Hi Rebekah
I rebooted my nucleus from the web administrator and updated and restarted my moon 390 but same problem : (
All my other zones work correctly, just the moon.
Any other advice!?

Problem now solved for me too. I have updated my iMac (Roon Core and client) to Big Sur 11.2.2 and unplug Moon 390 120V from wall for 5 minutes .

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Hey @Mark_Labow,

I’m really sorry that didn’t help in your case. We’d love to help out! Could you please use this guide to post your request so our technical team can help with your specific issue?

Thanks in advance :pray:

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