MQA 44.1kHz and signal path?


I ran into this the other day and was curious to know if the signal path is correct? It’s a track from Gorillaz “Demon Days” which Tidal reports as “MQA 44.1kHZ”. The display of the DAC, Pro-ject Pre Box Digital S2 (set as renderer only) reports 44.1 while playing the track but the Roon signal path shows first unfold 88.2kHz? When I pause the track, display of DAC shows 88.2.

(Henry) #2

That is correct. The first unfold decodes the corrections for the original ADC and upsamples to two times the original sample rate. The second stage in an MQA DAC would do the rest but as your DAC is not MQA capable you just get the first unfold.


MQA “Core” is always 2x sample rate (i.e. 88.2kHz or 96kHz). It is encapsulated in a 1x sample rate carrier for transmission. This applies even for material originally mastered at a 44.1kHz or 48kHz sample rate.


Thank you!


Can you or anybody else explain me what MQA does to a 24/44.1kHz master as e.g. the new Billy Gibbons album? Deteriorating the original, adding noise that is not in the original, do nothing, or simply up-sample and try to reconstruct what has been cut-off in bit-depth due to the MQA encoding process?

(Chris ) #6

Might be a good idea, if you haven’t already, to just play it in MQA and listen. Twice recently SWMBO got up and danced around the room to Billy Gibbons on her way to make a cup of tea. Yes it was on in MQA in the kitchen too.
My question is, what else does Modern Blues music and MQA have to achieve with regard to a non blues lover?