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According to the Roon Site, the new Bluesound Pulse M is ‘Roon Ready’ but refuses to be added. I am on the latest versions Roon 2.0 Build 1148
Am I missing something?

Did you open Settings/Audio and then enable the Pulse? Then you have to name it. Hope this is why.

Been using my Pulse for a long time.

Other things. Are you connected by wire or wireless? If wireless have you logged into your system? Can you log in to Qobuz or Tidal using the BluOs app? You didn’t give much information. I believe you have to do these things first. Lastly, where did the ‘not certified’ message appear?

This is a new model, the Pulse M just released. I have a number of Bluesound devices already and they are happily shown as enabled and are accessible.
In Settings/Audio it shows up under Roon Ready with a triange and ! and reported as Uncertified even though, as I said in the beginning Roon and Bluesound both refer to it as ‘Roon Ready’ If I try to enable it I get a notice "Unfortunately manufacturer has not completed certification’ that seems to contradict both companies information.
I can access it through AirPlay; it is also setup and running.

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In that case you might have to wait for a firmware update from Bluesound for Roon Ready status.
The PowerNode Edge was the same, though it didn’t take long to get the update.

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Thanks for your comments. Yes, the device does work correctly under the BlueOS app, I can access Qobuz and Tidal. It is connected with Wifi
It appears under Settings/Audio under ‘Roon Ready’ along with my other Bluesound Devices but with a triangle and ! that says uncertified. There is an ‘enable’ button but when pressed that is when the message appears the the manufacturere has not completed ceritification. I can access it from Roon if I activate it through AirPlay
I believe the issue belongs with Roon/Bluesound who both report the device as certified but the app says otherwise. I confirmed I am running the latest version…

Didn’t know you were an experienced BluOs user. I have a couple pieces too. Thought the M was for the mini! Just saw it had been a day with no response. Going to check out the M though. :+1:

Thanks; it sounds good; it has the new display buttons on top like the new nodes; I wanted a unit with the ability to hit a ‘button’ to play a radio station. Really like the unit but would like to connect it as Roon Ready and wanted to see if this was a known issue.

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Strangely, the Pulse M on Roon’s site links to the Bluesound product page, where the word “roon” is not mentioned (while many other supported technologies are). You wrote,

as I said in the beginning Roon and Bluesound both refer to it as ‘Roon Ready’

but in the beginning you only mentioned the Roon page. Where are you finding Bluesound info? They don’t seem to mention Roon on as far as I can find

Ask Bluesound about why it’s not working?

Curious. Try going directly to the Bluesound Site and go to the product that way. There is a list of features at the bottom of the landing page for the Pulse M that says “Roon Ready” on the far right,

I know Roon has complained that some companies were jumping the gun claiming Roon Ready before certification was complete, but in this case it shows up on the Roon site as RR so that seems to negate that argument.

oops: not at the bottom but just a little bit down on the page

Ah, I see the logo now! Thanks. For some reason my browser was showing the page in 250% zoom (it did look weird to me but didn’t see the cause!) and so the Roon Ready logo was pushed out of view :smiley:
And a text search found nothing.

Yeah, curious all in all. I suppose the issue could be in both Roon and/or the Pulse M, so in parallel I’d ask Bluesound as well. Who knows, maybe they say something like “firmware update next week”

Coped from the page:


Wireless Multi-Room Music Streaming Speaker

The PULSE M takes the sight and sound of Hi-Fi enjoyment to new horizons with its unique Omni-Hybrid™ driver design and contemporary aesthetic

  • Hi-Res streaming
  • MQA streaming soundbar
  • Spotify
  • Tidal Connect
  • Apply Airplay speaker
  • Roon Ready endpoint

good point; I will just cool it while and go back to this post before it times out if the issue still lives.


I just purchased a Pulse M after taking note that it is shown in the Roon device matrix as Roon Ready…yet when I try to enable it as a roon ready device, it shows “uncertified” and I cannot enable. I AM able to enable it as an airplay device.
Seems to me that if the device matrix shows it as Roon Ready, and Bluesound advertises it as such…then it should be.

Agree completely; I posted this hoping someone from Roon would address.

Has anyone heard back regarding this issue?

Nothing here

I saw and added to Mark’s post on the BlueSound forum, looks like they just replied and said they believe it’s a Roon issue, not a BlueSound issue. So here we are :-/

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Of course neither Roon nor Bluesound use the term “certified” in their on-line documentation, they use “Roon Ready” and “Roon Tested”

“Roon Ready”, according to the Roon site, if they are ‘Roon Ready’ they are certified and they are so indicated at the Roon site. If there is some other meaning, please let’s have the Roon participant explain the disparity. The bolding is mine.

Quoted from the site:
" The Roon Ready program combines our RAAT technology with a comprehensive certification program,