New Bug in 1.8 - 778: Artist Appearances no longer show on artist page and discography [Resolved - B790]

I wish we could at least agree that there should be some reciprocity on this support forum. If you expect users to be constructive and post helpful information, your support team should be able to respond in a reasonable time with something as simple as “thanks, we are looking into this, stay tuned.”

Being ignored for 9 or 10 days, not on one, but several reports, is off-putting.

Can we agree on this, or am I asking for too much?


This is not about lack of criticism. This is about not attacking people or creating toxicity.

@Andreas_Philipp1 is out on other threads now, fanning the flames. How is this healthy for the community?

We are two months into this release, and even base functionality has not been restored to full working order. If I would call myself COO of this company, I would feel more than just slightly embarassed and scale down the aggressiveness of my tone.

Bye from me as well.


I agree that you are not asking for too much. However, they are not idle. They are posting every minute of every day. Some stuff just gets lost, especially when 2 issues are related and one is getting addressed already.

I acknowledged you directly and have already spoken to the team. There are 2 issues here: the bug/support issue, and the smokescreen accusation.

Can we agree that it was uncalled for?

That I never implied. But it’s your task to make sure that constructive and well intentioned reports are at least being acknowledged. This is a two-way communication and it has been missing.

I apologize for that.

I hope we can reach some reasonable agreement so that users who do invest effort to document issues are acknowledged and responded to.


and they are, but something slip-ups happen.

We agree on this, and we are doing the best we can. In fact, we have hired more people to our support team – the team is nearly doubled in size just in the last month.

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Apropos of nothing, it’s absolutely staggering that this got through Beta/QA. When 1.8 was first released, long term, experienced subscribers were highlighting fundamental library management fubar within an hour.

For future major releases, I would strongly recommend a community beta programme available for general download with warning stickers on it, etc.


“Various Artists” albums no longer appear in artist view, only album view.

They used to appear in both views (browsers).

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My Roon does not show Various Artists either.

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With every release since 1.8 I’ve found a showstopping bug within less than an hour and in some cases in the first 10 minutes or less.

Roon still does/doesn’t know what’s in my library…


Does the issue described in this thread correlate with the similar issue with regard to compositions: although a track has been assigned a composer, in many cases no corresponding entrance is made in the compositions page of such composer?

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This (@Little_Wurlitzer 's issue with compositions) has been a problem the entire five years I have been a Roon user.

Mike, you have no idea (well, you probably do) how much updates as these help the mood and overall satisfaction with your product. I wish all the Roonies did more of this.


Thanks for your patience as we investigated recent reports of missing albums on the artist page. I’m following up with some good news: We’ve just released Build 790, which includes a fix we believe should improve the vast majority of cases where albums are missing.

For more details, please see our release notes:


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This is fantastic. All of my particular problems with albums in the library seem to have been fixed. This. along with the other post-1.8 releases, have not only restored previous functionality but IMO have taken Roon to new heights.


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