New speaker cables

Just arrived from Amazon. Outstanding construction.

(Yes, I know there’s no reason to bi-wire, but there’s no reason not to bi-wire my Tannoys.)


How many hours of break in before they really sing?


According to the vendor 175 hours.

They make a point of guaranteeing that if 175 hours occurs past Amazon’s return window and one doesn’t like the cables, they can still be returned to them (without a restock charge).


Are you sure there is no extra restock charge if all of the free electrons are gone from the cables?


How many years do you have to state your dissatisfaction?


I mean, wire doesn’t have a “break in period”, this is audiophile nonsense made up by people that sell cables. Electronically no changes occur in this window.


That’s ok, get it out of your systems, no pun intended. :slightly_smiling_face:

As a Stereophile denizen, I’m surprised at your comment. Nothing like piling on if you get a chance, huh?

To what point if there’s a return policy?

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Not sure what a return policy has to do with it. People will decide for whatever reason fairly quickly if they like something or not, so they’ll return it whether it’s day 1 or day 176, the period of time has no real relevance.

Nor does the fact that this speaker cable will conduct electricity just as efficiently as the last speaker cable you had, and will sound utterly identical, even if your expectation bias suggests differently. The differences in output waveform from the two cables would be completely indistinguishable.

But if it makes you happy, you do you


If we can’t manage to have a civil discussion it’s a sorry state of affairs.
Please keep it civil, it can be achieved you know…


No one has said anything in-civil as far as I’m aware


Speaking as a private citizen and expressing my incredulity regarding cable break-in.


I could be equally skeptical about your AudioQuest Coffee USB cable, your Kubala-Sosna Anticipation RCA cables or your Kubala-Sosna Emotion power cable.

Not sure what benefit you’re deriving from your AudioQuest Niagra 5000. I guess it just complements the power cables.

Although the Kubala-Sosna website brags about break in times, AudioQuest only (AFAIK) mentions the directionality of their cables.

People in glass houses and all that.

You connect your speakers with lamp zipcord, right?

Thanks for allowing me that. Very big of you. :smirk:


No, I connect them with standard stranded copper cable of sufficient gauge for the length of the run. Which is all that is required to pass a signal unharmed from one end to the other. Music doesn’t pass any differently through high priced copper coated in unobtanium and surrounded in a sheath made of mithril.


Nowhere have I said that it did. How do you feel about silver vs. copper wire?


Does any of them require break-in?


One is definitely more expensive than the other.


Nice looking cables. Did you mention what gauge wire they used? That’s about the only performance factor I consider when it comes to speaker cables.

I have a pair of bi-wire cables on my second system, just because I let the speaker sales person talk me into it. I wouldn’t do it again. I saw your disclaimer btw.

I bought a pair of the same WBC interconnects (off the shelf) from Amazon when I was looking for a 1-foot pair terminated in XLR earlier this year. They’re fine, but you can’t really see the quality
of soldering or other connection work under all the heat-shrink tubing.

I prefer Blue Jeans Cables for just about everything I use. I think they’re in the same price range as the WBC version. Maybe a little more since you got bi-wire for your price. I’m using a Blue Jean’s 12-foot pair in 10 gauge, with locking bananas on my main system. I like the sonic welding method they use for attaching connectors.

Btw, a couple years ago, I custom ordered a pair of specifically wired TRS to RCA interconnects from Blue Jeans that was a good experience. They emailed back to confirm what I asked for (it was an unusual configuration), so I pasted a schematic from the equipment manual in my reply. Cables were delivered in two days, as Blue Jeans and I are in the same city, more or less.

PS people are harsh, though both our posts sound a little like advertising haha


We should have a break in time for objectivists patience.


Agreed, gauge is the only thing that counts. The comment about break in was really just a throw away. Never expected it to raise a shtstorm. I should have known better.

The youtube vid mentioned gauge for the cable as it comes out of the amp. Don’t remember exactly but it was 12 gauge or under.

Yes, I have a lot of BJC. The only thing I have against them is that some can be really stiff.

I was going to wire my own, but why since these WBC cables are better than anything I could screw up.

In the digital sphere, e.g. USB cables, etc., I am definitely an objectivist.

In the analog realm, in which I place speaker cables, then not so much. :slightly_smiling_face:


You can’t really pick and choose where to apply science. Electrical science, that is.