Newly purchased Nucleus does not find new KEF Wireless II LS50 speakers

Roon Core Machine

Nucleus (newly purchased with the smaller ssd). Roon app is on several different Apple devices: two computers and a phone.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

House has ethernet ports in every major room. No VPN. Wireless mesh system via Eero. Wired internet speeds about 950MBPS; wireless is about 250MBPS. Base router is ZYXEL model EMG6726-B10A. The router default IP is The Nucleus IP is The KEF IP is Various helpful people in the community support forum suggested moving the speakers to where I could plug them into an ethernet port, which I tried. Twice, with different ports in different rooms, rebooting the Nucleus & the Roon app etc each time. That didn’t work, and it took me forty-five minutes to get the KEFs back up on my wireless network. And they are too heavy for me to move safely: I do not want to try that again.

Connected Audio Devices

KEF Wireless II LS50, OS 2.6, updated at original installation yesterday. Roon app on several different Apple devices, each with latest OS.

Number of Tracks in Library

about three thousand? I have been unable to play anything in my library, which I only just digitized. I can see that there are titles in my library but I have not looked around.

Description of Issue

Roon app does not show the KEF Wireless II speakers even if I temporarily hardwire them to an ethernet port. I have of course properly closed and re-opened the app and hard-booted the Nucleus after moving the speakers so that I can hardwire them. The Nucleus and the KEFS share an IP address: the first six digits are the same. The KEFs are visible on my wireless network and they play internet radio stations just fine. Roon app is version 2.0 build 1192; the Nucleus is 2.0 build 1193 and I authorized automatic updates as part of the installation protocol. Thank you for whatever help you can offer. I am terribly, terribly disappointed and in fact frustrated that Roon attempts to crowdsource customer service on the Nucleus rather than dealing with us directly. I do know about submitting support tickets, but no where did Roon provide information to me about how to access such a ticket. That’s just plain abusing both customers and CS reps who have to deal with cranky people all day. I’m no crank; I don’t abuse anybody, ever. But really now: the CS system itself is quite badly engineered, and that reflects quite poorly on the products you are trying to sell.

Have you installed the KEF app on an iPhone or iPad and set up the network operations for the speakers?

@mitr and others, please see this lengthy thread in which @Catherine_Wallace describes what she’s done. She’s well past the basic stuff with respect to understanding this issue.

This may be part of your issue. I believe they need to be on the same subnet for Roon to be able to see them.

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