No Audio with NVIDIA 1060 card

How did you solve this? I have exactly the same issue - even the same graphics card. I tried all the suggestions above, but nothing helped. I’m connecting to a Denon AVC-X4700H receiver.

EDIT - here are my specs. I’m not at home right now, so I will add details and screenshots when I’m back:

Core machine: Windows 11 (not supported, I know, but everything was exactly the same with Windows 10) ,Intel i5-10400, Nvidia GeForce GT1030, 2xM2 128gb SSD, 16 GB DDR4
Latest build of Roon Core
Remote PC connected to receiver: Windows 11, i3, 8GB, latest Roon build

Network: cabled gigabit network between Huawei 4G router, core and clients.
Audio: HDMI from graphics card Nvidia GT1030 to Denon Receiver AVC-X4700H
Library: about 2300 albums in flac 16/44.1, 24/96, DSD64 (.dsf. and dff) in 2.0, 4.0 and 5.1 , and various other formats. No streaming service connected.

I suspect that the problem is with what the soundcard is sending to the receiver. I tried to use generic hd audio drivers instead of the Nvidia HDMI drivers and then it was able to play back, but only in stereo.
I also get very few of the advanced audio setup settings - no selection for DSD, number of channels etc. All options were available with the generic HD audio driver.
Also tried to add the receiver in Roon, but this model is not on the list yet.
Foobar 2000 is playing everything and DSD64 5.1 sounds nothing short of fantastic, but the user interface of Roon is sorely missed.

Hey @PerArne,

Thanks so much for letting us know of the symptoms you’re experiencing as well. We appreciate you already trying the troubleshooting steps mentioned by Noris on the initial thread. I’m sorry they didn’t work.

I’ve looped in our technical team so they can chime in to help. While they get a chance to reply, could you please share some details about your setup?

All the instructions can be found below:

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Thanks for the quick response! I have added specs and more information to my original post.

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Hey @PerArne,

Thanks for editing your post with all that information. If you have any relevant screenshots to add, or really, any information, that would be great!

In the meantime, I’ve looped in our technical team and it’ll be in their queue when they return to work on Monday.

If you see this over the weekend and haven’t done this before, can you manually reinstall your NVIDIA drivers? Windows’ automatic updates are unreliable when it comes to this, so, if you could please:

  • uninstall your NVIDIA drivers
  • navigate to the NVIDIA website
  • download the drivers and install them
  • restart your Windows
  • try to launch Roon and play music

Thanks :pray:

I did a new attempt yesterday and suddenly the Nvidia WASAPI sound unit had all the missing settings in Roon! I could specify 7.1 channels, DSD settings, max sample rate etc. I could then for the first time play all FLAC files. DSD did not work. I fiddled back and forth different settings for DSD conversion and ended up on the default setting (convert to PCM) again, restartet Roon and now DSD stereo played. I tried setting max sample rate to 96 kHz and then even multichannel DSD worked. So now everyting works! I have no idea what kind of magic caused this - the only changes the last two days was the latest Roon update and the major update to Windows 11 - maybe a combination of the two did the trick? Anyway I’m very happy it all works now.

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