NO gapless playback with TIDAL MQA on ifi ZEN Dac

Hey there!

The titel is pretty self-explanatory. I just returned to ROON and got myself an iFi ZEN Dac for MQA playback over TIDAL. But on several live albums (Ayreon - Ayreon Universe Live, Ayreon - Into the Electric Castle), I have very annoying half-second glitches between tracks when playing back the MQA versions from TIDAL. This does not happen with local files or local MQA files. I am on a steady wired 150Mbps Ethernet connection with Google DNS set. I hope somebody here can help me :-(, since MQA playback over TIDAL with the Zen DAC was more or less one of the selling points of coming back to ROON…

The last thing I saw was

Thanks! But seems also like a long time ago… :frowning:

If it helps, I had this issue originally on my iFi Nano Black and Zen DAC, until I updated to the iFi Firmware 5.3c. It now plays seamlessly.

However, I have found that if crossfeed is enabled, then the break recurs again, and even disabling crossfeed again won’t fix it, until the DAC as been restarted.

This only occurs with streamed MQA.