No text displayed on remote clients on Windows 7 & Android 6.0

Can you help in resolving the following two issues.

The issues just started today, 1Mar20. Did the following without resolution of issues:

  1. Reinstalled remote clients for (1) Window 64 bit running Windows 7 OS, and (2) Android mobile device running v6.0 - No change to metadata issues

  2. Reinstalled the roon OS Version 1.0 (build 183) stable - No change to metadata issue

Description Of Issue

  1. Mobile device running Android v6.0 with roon remote app loads Discover page, hangs, crashes, and closes. (note: backup Android Tablet v.9 works ok)

  2. roon remote Windows 64 bit on Windows 7 OS client Does not display text/metadata.
    Here’s a screenshot on the 64 bit.


Hi @racingdriver,

There have been a number of reports of Roon B521 having these issues with certain tablet devices and GPUs.

To help Roon’s support team could you list the make and version of the table you are using … and also what GPU your Windows machine is using.

For the Windows machine I’d recommend checking that the latest graphics drivers are installed from the GPU manufacturer’s website.

Hi Carl
Thanks for the moderator intervention. Everything worked perfectly, until today. What changed on my end? Nothing

  1. The Mobile device is a Motorola G3 running Android v6.0 (remote loads Discover page, hangs, and crashes).
  2. The Android tablet is a Galaxy 10 Tab A running Android v9.0 with no issues used as a remote
  3. The workstation is an HP p6570t running Windows 7 Home premium with an ATI Radeon HD 5450 adapter. I checked for the latest drivers and received the following response, “The best driver software for your device is already installed”
  4. GPU Name Cedar
    GPU Variant Cedar PRO
    Architecture TeraScale 2
    Foundry TSMC
    Process Size 40 nm
    Transistors 292 million
    Die Size 59 mm²

Next steps?


[quote=“racingdriver, post:3, topic:96439”]
What changed on my end? Nothing.
[/quote]I suspect Roon updated to B521, do you recall when Roon updated to B521… you could trawl the a Roon log files to confirm.

I think you have done what you can your end … I know the Roon devs are working on understanding these crashes and no text issues … to find the root cause and hence a fix.

So it’s a matter of watch this space.

Someone from Roon will reply in due cause, but bear in mind it’s the weekend so responses maybe be a little longer than normal.

Hi Carl,
I trawled the rock server logs, but they are wrapping unless there is an archive stored somewhere else?
“03/01 17:38:28 Trace: [bits] updated bits, in 269ms 03/01 17:38:28”

Thanks again for the assistance. I am watching.

I don’t use ROCK but I suspect it’s the same on all platforms the active logfile is .log and rolling archive of files are named .log.1 to .log.20. **.

When Roon updates, the installation is shown in the current logfile. It then reboots itself and new logfile is started. The new build number is shown in the first few lines of that new log.

** 20 logs or so is more than week worth on my system with Roon running continuously Of course if you restart Roon frequently then the history will be shorter.

Thanks, Carl. It appears that you are correct, and it is the same on all platforms. And I restarted the server, when I initially had the issues.

Here is _log.20 "03/01 16:48:39 Info: Starting RoonServer v1.7 (build 521) stable on linuxx64
03/01 16:48:39 "

Interesting, because Display Port: 9100 in Chrome works, but nothing else does. Screenshot:

Hi @racingdriver,

I just wanted to reach out and let you know that our team is hard at work on this and we’ll be sure to update you when we have more information. Please see our latest updates here:

Thanks Dylan and Carl.

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We’ve released a new update, Roon 1.7 Build 528, which contains improvements that we believe will help with the issues you are experiencing here. Please see our release notes below:

The Team At Roon Labs

Thanks very much for Build 528, and it works well for my older mobile device that I use for a remote. Thanks!!

Unfortunately, the update did not fix the lack of text for the [Windows 64 bit] remote app used on the Windows workstation with the ATI video card referenced in this thread.

I completed the following steps:

  1. Removed the Windows 64bit application and reinstalled
  2. Updated ROCK to Version 1.7 (build 528) stable and Version 1.0 (build 186) stable OS

No change to the workstation Windows 64bit control application.

Next steps and recommendations?

Thanks again,

Thanks for the update, @racingdriver, and apologies for the continued issues.

Would you kindly use the directions found here and send us over a set of logs using a shared Dropbox link?

Hi Dylan
Here is the shared DropBox link with the compressed folder of roon logs.


Thanks for sending that over, @racingdriver — I’ll get this to the team.

Hello @racingdriver,

We’ve just released Roon Build 536 which includes changes that we believe will help improve things here. Please give Roon an update on all of your devices and let us know if you still have any trouble!

You can read the full release notes here:

The Team At Roon Labs

Hi Nuwriy & The Team At Roon Labs
All issues resolved. THANKS!!
Keep making roon labs the awesome service that it is.

While I have your attention, lean on Deezer for integration please. The Deezer library aligns better with my European tastes than the Urban American Tidal library.

Thanks again for the professionalism.


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