Now Playing screen empty on Samsung Tablet after build 536

Hi @dylan,

I’ve just discovered another bug in the new build 536.
On my Samsung S5e tablet the Now Playing screen looks like this:

while simultaneously, on my PC, it looks like this:

Maybe this has to do with the screen resolution error of this topic Samsung Tab resolution error

Just seconds after I had written the above, build 537 came through, at least for the Core. After the core had restarted, the Now Playing screen on my S5e tablet looked right again! So maybe this issue is no longer current? I’ll keep you posted.

Alas, this problem persists, even after build 537. It’s an unpredictable, intermittent problem, but nevertheless very annoying to suddenly lose all information from the Now Playing screen.
Does anyone else have the same experience?

Hi @Hans_Valeton,

Does Now Playing always appear this way on this device?

Does it vary by content?

Does closing / reopening help (even temporarily)?

Thanks for your reaction, @dylan
The last few days I spent far more time behind my PC than expected so I wasn’t able to further test this behaviour on my tablet. I’ll get back to you.

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